‘The Uncanny Counter’ Jo Byung Gyu Says He Became Who He Is Now After Overcoming a Sense of Defeat

Credit: HB Entertainment

Jo Byung Gyu made a hit with The Uncanny Counter, the first drama he took the lead role in. For this project that recorded the highest viewership in the history of OCN, Jo played the main character So Moon and successfully showcased a great emotional performance and spectacular action sequences.

In a video interview on the 26th, the actor expressed his special affection for the work.

“If I think about this work in the future when I’m tired, exhausted and broken, I know I will stand on my own two feet again. It’s a project that let me realize the importance of the fellow actors and how much I should focus on making a pleasant process.”

Jo, who is already in the 6th year of his career, started building up his filmography in 2015, but it has been more than a decade since he dreamt of becoming an actor.

“It may look like I was on a fast track, but I’ve suffered from frustration, failure, inferiority complex and sense of defeat. Using these negative emotions as my driving forces, I clenched my teeth to run forward. I lived a touch and fierce life, and I became who I am thanks to that strenuous process.”

Credit: HB Entertainment

When asked about his strength as an actor, Jo replied after much pondering.

“I spend more time preparing than others. I’ve never thought I was more talented than others. I’m not humbly lowering myself. I never thought I would play the main character and lead the work. I wanted it, but I never thought it would be possible. (Because I had a long way to go) I had to be better in acting than anyone else, and that thought became my strength.”

The fact that he went up and down the streets of Gangnam with a cane for the role So Moon has surprised viewers. Losing 10kg (about 22lbs) was also a magic move.

“After I lost 10kg, I didn’t gain weight even if I ate and ate during the filming. By the second half of the drama, I have lost 12kg (about 26lbs). Now I look am all skim and bone so I’m gradually gaining weight.”

Credit: OCN

The production of season 2 has already been confirmed. Jo carefully expressed his thoughts about romance with Kim Se Jeong and the new Counter.

“If we do season 2, then I think small yet not exaggerated funny scenes that show our chemistry will let viewers burst into laughter. If there is a new Counter, I hope So Moon won’t be the youngest anymore. But I’m sure season 2 will also be based on the original webtoon. So Moon has leveled up, so I think it would be nice to tell the story where he becomes more mature and determined so that he could keep the Counters safe.”

Like other young actors who prone to entertainment shows, Jo has an open mind towards his appearance on variety shows.

“I’m usually calm, but I hate to be branded ‘no fun guy’ on TV, so I want to show my bright side. Sure people will show likes or dislikes about how I am on these shows, but I think it’s better to show a funnier side of me rather than to throw my weight around, so I’d like to say a lot of fun things.”

Jo Byung Gyu is currently in talks for Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi (literal title).

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