Jaechan Turns into Kim Hee Seon’s Son in Upcoming Mystery Series ‘Bitter Sweet Hell’

jaechan dkz drama
jaechan dkz drama
Credit: MBC

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama Bitter Sweet Hell has released the first look at Jaechan‘s transformation into Choi Do Hyun.

Bitter Sweet Hell is a relatable comic thriller about No Young Won (Kim Hee Sun), South Korea’s top family psychologist, who, after being threatened by an unknown blackmailer, teams up with her mystery novelist mother-in-law (Lee Hae Young) to protect her career and family.

Jaechan, known for his role in Semantic Error, takes on the role of Choi Do Hyun, the son of No Young Won (Kim Hee Sun) and Choi Jae Jin (Kim Nam Hee). Choi Do Hyun is a well-rounded character, equipped with good looks, outstanding grades, maturity beyond his years, and impeccable manners. He diligently follows the strict schedule set by his mother, embodying the ideal son. However, a heavy secret that he can’t share with his family leads him to plan an escape from home.

Reflecting on the script, Jaechan expressed, “I found it so fascinating and enjoyable that I couldn’t wait for the next episode.” He added that he tried not to overthink the character of Choi Do Hyun, calling him “honest and uncomplicated.” He then added, “I focused on figuring out what kind of expressions, tone, and actions Do Hyun would use to navigate different situations.”

Playing another high school role in his 20s, Jaechan humorously noted, “Wearing a school uniform again and looking in the mirror, I was relieved to see that I could still pass as a high schooler.” He described his character’s appearance: “Do Hyun is a model student, so I made sure the uniform was always perfectly neat, from the tie to the jacket and vest, and even made sure my hair was tidy.”

Grateful for the opportunity to work with veteran actors, Jaechan confessed, “I was very nervous, but everyone took care of me warmly. Kim Hee Sun gave me chocolates, which I posted on my social media. And Kim Nam Hee called me ‘son’ after our first script reading. Lee Hae Young listened to my rap performance and even practiced to sing it back to me. It was a special, touching, and precious moment.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s Bitter Sweet Hell premieres on May 24th at 9:50 PM KST.

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