Jaechan Discusses ‘Semantic Error’ Success, ‘Our House’ Role and Future Acting Aspirations

jaechan new drama
jaechan new drama
Credit: Star News

Fresh off his Asia Artist Awards win, Jaechan chats with Star News in a heartfelt interview, reflecting on his journey and future aspirations.

Semantic Error must have been a major turning point for you. What does the series mean to you?

It was a work that brought me a tremendous opportunity. I received so much love, and it is my job to maintain that love. I think it depends on what I do next. My dream is to create works and characters that will be loved as much as Semantic Error. It would be a privilege to take on another role so unique and irreplaceable, one that the audience can only imagine me playing.” It would be a privilege to take on another role so unique and irreplaceable, one that the audience can only imagine me playing.

With Our House coming out in May, tell us a bit about your character.

I play the youngest son. He’s a bit wild at first, but through his interactions with his family, he starts to truly understand their love. It was actually a “call casting.” I was waiting backstage at a music show when I got the call to meet the producer. It felt more like a friendly chat than an audition, which was nice. So far, things feel good, and I’m happy with how things are progressing.

Being around such experienced actors like Kim Hee Seon, Lee Hye Young, and Kim Nam Hee must be a great learning experience.

The set is like a giant classroom for me. Even though I haven’t had any formal acting training, I learn so much just by observing them. They don’t directly teach, but they do offer helpful hints sometimes. Like, when I watch them perform, I often catch myself thinking, “Oh, that’s what they meant!” Recently, I even got some great advice from Kim Nam Hee about handling a specific emotional scene. They’re all incredibly kind and approachable, almost like having a second set of parents on set.

Any specific genres or roles you’re itching to tackle next?

I’ve always been curious about playing a psychopath. Maybe because I tend to be more reserved, I think I could portray the lack of emotions well. But I’m also a big fan of rom-coms and love watching Ma Dong-seok’s action movies. Honestly, I’m open to anything! If there’s a good role out there, I’d love to give it a shot.

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