Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won Discuss Their ‘Queen of Tears’ Chemistry: On-Screen Sparks Fly

kim soo hyun and kim ji won chemistry
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In a recent special episode of tvN’s Queen of Tears, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won gave fans a deeper look into the chemistry and behind-the-scenes moments that shaped their on-screen relationship. The special aired on April 4th and featured in-depth interviews with the actors, where they shared insights and anecdotes from their time on set.

During the interviews, Kim Ji Won reminisced about a scene that particularly gave her butterflies. “There was this scene in front of the Yongduri Supermarket where Hyun Woo promises to stay by Hae In’s side. It was such a beautiful day, and the dialogue really resonated with me,” she explained. She further clarified who fell for whom first between their characters, stating, “It was Hae In. I think she was secretly calling for Hyun Woo, using her kicking the printer as an excuse.”

Kim Ji Won expressed immense appreciation for her co-star, rating their acting synergy as “200 out of 100.” Kim Soo Hyun returned the compliment, describing her as “the queen of consideration.”

Kim Ji Won detailed, “Kim Soo Hyun’s improvisations helped make me feel closer to Hong Hae In. He was the perfect partner. Like when Hyun Woo comes back after the fight, and Hae In says, ‘If that happens again, you run,’ and they link pinkies – that was his idea.”

The actress also shared when she actually felt upset by Hyun Woo: “There was a scene in Germany where Hae In gives up on treatment, and Hyun Woo tries everything he could to keep her alive, saying things like ‘You already knew everything.’ Even though I knew it was just acting, I was hurt.”

Kim Soo Hyun addressed whether Hae In’s cold demeanor toward Hyun Woo in the early episodes led to any real tension. “As you all know, Hae In’s real personality is nothing like that, so there was no chance of getting hurt,” he reassured.

Finally, Kim Ji Won praised a moment where Kim Soo Hyun parodied her line from Fight For My Way, saying, “That wasn’t in the script, so I was completely taken by surprise. It was adorable how he delivered the line, and I found it very satisfying and fun to watch.”

As Queen of Tears continues to captivate its audience even after its finale, these special episodes serve as a testament to the lasting impact of its romantic storytelling and the magnetic pull of its leading actors.

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  • Kim SoHyun and Kim JiWon are a remarkable couple in the drama “Queen of Tears.” I reviewed their past drama, Kim SoHyun’s It’s Okay Not, to Be Okay, and My Love from the Stars. His acting is different, maybe because of restrictions or limitations from his co-star, so he’s cautious, but he is a caring actor and respectful. Kim JiWon’s past, drama beauty, and acting did not reveal her stunning look; most of them are funny, actions or different types of acting unsuited to her character in the drama. Finally, Queen of Tears Kim JiWon’s stunning beauty shows and captivates everyone’s heart and becomes the world’s most beautiful Kdrama; it suits her character and beauty. Queen of Tears is one of the best dramas with the perfect couple in the history of the Kdrama world. Congratulations!

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