Jang Sung Kyu Accused of Fraudulent Solicitation for Sharing 5 Million Won Prize Money

Credit: OSEN

TV personality Jang Sung Kyu has been sued for distributing 5 million Won (approximately 4.5k USD) of prize money, which he received for being an outstanding radio host, to fellow staff members.

Credit: Asia Economies

On the 13th, Jang Sung Kyu revealed a text message he received from the investigative authorities through his SNS, saying, “I was investigated. I was sued for sharing the 5 million Won I received as a prize for being a radio DJ at the end of last year.”

Jang was selected as an excellent radio host for his Good Morning FM Jang Sung Kyu at the end of last year and received 5 million Won as an incentive. After receiving his prize money, Jang reportedly handed it out to the staff members claiming, “being an excellent host is not my credit to take.”

Credit: Instagram / @jangsk83
Credit: Instagram / @jangsk83

“At first, I was taken aback,” he said, “I even forced the producer to receive the money saying that this can never be for a fraudulent solicitation as I did not expect anything in return. I did not consider the money to be my own. No wonder, 4 producers have returned me the money saying that it was against their principle.”

He then continued, apologizing, “I was so into myself that I did not recognize that it could be an inconvenience for some, and even against the law. Although no results have yet come out, I will be responsible for everything if any damage goes to the family members of those who received the money.” He expressed the will to receive any punishment.

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