Yunho Takes a Trip Down the Memory Lane Reading BTS Members’ Letters

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho recently revealed the handwritten letters he received from global superstar BTS before his enlistment.

In the latest episode of I Live Alone, Yunho was shown making a time capsule to mark the new year.

Yunho shared, “I’ve done this before. I bury one every 10 years, and when I take them out when I’m down or depressed, it makes me laugh. It’s sort of my own special routine.” He then called his labelmate Kim Hee Chul, and hearing the news of Yunho’s new time capsule, Hee Chul said, “You and I buried one back in 2002 after watching the film My Sassy Girl. But it disappeared after a building was built.”

Credit: MBC

After hanging up the phone, Yunho brought out an MP3 player, an old cellphone, and a notebook filled with letters written by fellow artists when he was serving in the army.

The notebook also contained letters from other idols, and especially, letters written by BTS’s J-Hope and V caught the attention. J-Hope wrote, “I heard you were in the mandatory military service, as a junior from the same town as Gwangjoo, I’m always cheering you on,” while V wrote, “We, BTS, love TVXQ. I hope we can one day perform together.” Yunho smiled as he read the letters again and responded, “Now you guys are the world stars!”

Burying his time capsule in a flowerpot, Yunho said, “I want to spend this year diligently and end it with good health. Last year, there were many regrets. Worry is like a rickety chair, so it shakes but never disappears. I just want 2021 to be a year filled with laughter.”

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