Jung Il Woo Invited Kim Bum for Ramen and Gifted Him with Homemade Kimchi

Credit: YouTube “1 Day 1 Woo”

Jung Il Woo showed off his friendship with his Unstoppable High Kick castmate Kim Bum.

Jung Il Woo recently posted a casual vlog of him sharing his daily life with his longtime friend Kim Bum. The two have been close for the past 13 years, having worked together in the hit sitcom Unstoppable High Kick that aired back in 2006. This also marks Kim Bum’s first appearance in any YouTube content.

Introducing Kim Bum as “a friend who will soothe my loneliness,” Jung Il Woo treated him with ramen. Jung caused laughter with his amateur camera work a few times, but soon, the two had pleasant ramen mukbang. The sight of Jung Il Woo continuously smiling at Kim Bum, as if he’s watching a cute brother or a dog, has certainly put a smile on fans’ faces.

After the meal, Jung Il Woo brought out a gift he has prepared for Kim Bum – kimchi he made himself. Kim Bum put a big smile on his face and added, “This is why I came today,” while Jung Ill Woo showed his affection, saying, “For our Bum, since he lives alone.”

Till the very end, the two boasted their lovely chemistry, promoting each other’s upcoming project – MBN’s Bossam: Steal the Fate and JTBC’s Law School.

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