Apink’s Bomi Confesses the Side Effect She Suffers from Extreme Diet

Credit: SBS

Apink’s Bomi explained why she wore turtleneck shirts even after losing 9kg (about 20 lbs).

In the first episode of SBS’s My Fantasy House, Apink’s Bomi chose a red clay (loess) house as her “dream house,” drawing curiosity over her old taste.

Bomi explained, “When I was promoting ‘Only one,’ I lost 8 to 9 kg (about 17 to 20 lbs) at once, and that resulted in severe atopy (atopic syndrome) due to a weakened immune system.”

Hearing this, Chorong added, “Bomi was really under stress (at the time) because she could only wear turtleneck shirts. She would be scratching herself without knowing, so I would tell her to stop.”

“That’s when I started to obsess about health and materials. It felt like ants were crawling all over my body,” Bomin continued. “I even had to tie my hands with stockings so I couldn’t scratch myself at night. But when I woke up, the stockings were on the floor and with blood on it.”

She then shared, “I took meds and got vitamin shots. I even applied steroid ointment on my skin and suffered from side effects. But it seemed like natural healing was the best choice. That’s when I started looking into red clay. Before, I even wore red clay lingeries.”

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