‘Sweet Home’ Song Kang Says He is Grateful to be Called “The Son of Netflix”

Credit: Netflix

As a rookie actor in the 4th year since his debut, Song Kang‘s growth is outstanding. He made a prominent presence in the 30-billion-won series Sweet Home as a reclusive loner, Hyun Soo, while demonstrating his improvement as an actor.

Credit: Netflix

Song Kang expressed his feelings about working for Sweet Home through a video call on the 22nd.

“Though I was not informed about the 30-billion-won funding while being confirmed as the show’s cast, I felt a lot of pressure after knowing. I thought a lot about how well I could depict Hyun Soo. While I expressed my introverted side for Hyun Soo as a reclusive loner, I tried to express the most malevolent emotions within me for the other, evil Hyun Soo.”

After the show was revealed, it is receiving a lot of attention both nationally and globally.

“I’m glad to hear that the show is enjoyable. My friends also tell me that their colleagues are all enjoying it too, so I’m very happy. It feels surreal.”


Credit: Netflix

Song Kang’s visuals are also a hot topic, as people ask how an outcast could be this handsome.

“I’m very grateful. The director also told me multiple times that I should tone down my looks as much as I can. So I made an effort to follow his directing.”

Song Kang mentioned sports, traveling, and acting as he talked about his diverse ambitions.

“I’m afraid that I’ll be a dumbbell monster since I haven’t been able to find a chance to go to the gym. It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to head to the gym as soon as I wake up because I usually do so. I also enjoy traveling but haven’t been able to because of times like these. So I’d probably be an airplane monster. As an actor, I consider the eyes as the most important part of expressing, so I’d be an eyeball monster.”


Credit: Netflix

Sweet Home is a piece that allowed Song Kang to grow.

“I was able to feel many emotions while shooting Sweet Home. I wonder how I would portray those emotions more powerfully next year. I’d like to be an actor who illustrates various emotions. While depicting Hyun Soo, I thought a lot about the darkest sides from the bottom of my emotions. Thanks to that, my emotional range has gotten broader.”

As Song Kang starred in a series of Netflix originals by appearing in Sweet Home after Love Alarm, he earned the nickname “The Son of Netflix.”

“It’s delightful that I got an epithet regarding a specific platform. Makes me think that I should work harder. I want to put more effort so that I gain better nicknames. These are the things that stimulate and motivate me. As a fan who enjoys Netflix, it is an honor and a pleasure. I’m amazed and thankful for the attention both works are receiving.”

Lastly, Song Kang revealed his wishes “for the situations to improve in 2021 so he could travel, to show improvement as an actor by using more emotions, and to shift from the boyish image so he could showcase his mature self.”

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