Bae Da Hae’s Stalker Taunted the Singer Even During His Police Investigation

Credit: dahaehaha/Instagram

A man who stalked musical actor and singer Bae Da Hae for years has been handed over to the prosecution.

On Nov 2, Iksan Police Station said that they have sent a 28-year-old stalked arrested on charges of insults, threats and defamation has been handed over to the prosecution.

Stalker A is suspected of posting hundreds of malicious comments directed at Bae on the internet using 24 IDs over the past two years. He is also suspected of following the singer to the waiting room and attempting to make physical contact.

Bae, who was unable to resist the years of harassment, recently filed a complaint with the police against her stalker. At the time, she wrote on her Instagram, “I have often fallen in despair because I thought this pain would end only when I die. I hope no one suffers from stalking like me.”

According to the police investigation, A first left a supportive comment to Bae four years ago, but since then, he has posted a comment containing insults and threats.

Even while being questioned by the police, he taunted Bae, sending her messages like “I’ll just end up with a fine” or “So will 10 million KRW enough for settlement?” A was found to have stated to the police, “I didn’t know this behavior was a crime.”

An officer from Iksan Police Station said, “The suspect chased the victim for a long time, posted malicious comments, and harassed her. We handed the case over to the prosecutor’s office, believing that the charges have been fully proven.”

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