“Damn JYP” GOT7’s Overseas Fans Shock K-Netizens with Their Amazing Korean

Credit: JYP Entertainment

GOT7’s overseas fans became the talk of the town when they showed almost “perfect” Korean.

On Nov 28, a post titled “GOT7’s overseas fans… I thought they were Koreans” started to go viral on online communities. In the post, several tweets written by GOT7 fans were screen-captured.

One K-netizen wrote, “Ah… Why are GOT7 overseas fans so good in Korea?” Soon, fans gathered and started to complain in Korea. One wrote, “We had no other choice. JYP’s Division 2 is just useless.” Another fan wholeheartedly agreed with the post and added, “JYP don’t include subtitles. So we had to learn Korean.”

Credit: Twitter, Wikitree

Then one fan from Russia appeared. Her post has certainly shocked K-netizens with her perfect Korean, even using slang and newly-coined words.

“Agreed. There are no subtitles, no proper translation. They were like s***, so I learned Korean hoping to help other overseas fans. But in a way, I’m grateful. If it wasn’t for these ‘damn JYP (slang word),’ I won’t be able to speak 3 languages, edit videos, and enter Sky University (top 3 colleges in Korea).”

Credit: Twitter, Wikitree

This tweet was retweeted more than 2,300 times, drawing enthusiastic responses. The writer showed surprise about the hot reactions and wrote, “Why is everyone so surprised? I’m Russian.”

Here are some of the comments: “How long did JYP skip on subtitles? Some of them speak better than some Koreans.” “I guess it was easier for them to learn Korean than for JYP’s Division 2 to learn English.” “JYP, reflect on yourself.” “OMG. These tweets are sad and funny at the same time.”

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