‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Halts Filming Due to COVID-19 + ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Cancels Its Press Conference

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While a background actor from River Where the Moon Rises (literal title) was tested for COVID-19, the press conference for The Uncanny Counter was canceled in the aftermath.

River Where the Moon Rises halted its filming when a background actor had to be tested for COVID-19 when he was classified as someone who made close contact with the COVID-19 confirmed patient.

An official from the production team said, “One background actor showed no signs of the virus but received a text to be tested as he was classified as someone who made close contact with the confirmed patient during the filming. Fortunately, he informed the production team as soon as he received the text and the director decided to halt all schedules until the result comes out.”

So since Nov 19, all filming for River Where the Moon Rises has been suspended. Another official said, “That day, main actors (Kang Ha Neul, Kim So Hyun, and more) were not present at the scene. They were filming for the mob scene with other background actors. That actor needed a thorough examination, not a diagnostic kit, and was tested yesterday. The result is said to come out tomorrow, so we are waiting.”

About the week-or-so delay, he added, “We have filmed quite a bit, so there will be no disruptions to the planned schedule.”

Credit: OCN

And in the aftermath of this incident, The Uncanny Counter, which was supposed to hold a press conference today at 2 p.m. KST, canceled its schedule in a hurry. The reason is that its shooting took place right next to the filming set used by River Where the Moon Rises.

An official from The Uncanny Counter‘s production team said, “We did use the filming set next to the one that River Where the Moon Rises used, but we still decide to postpone the event.”

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