Upcoming K-Drama: Let’s Check Out the Demon Hunters in ‘The Uncanny Counter’

Delightful demon hunters are on their way.

OCN’s new drama The Uncanny Counter revolves around the demon hunters called Counters who come to earth under the guise of being employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits. It’s based on the webtoon of the same name, which adds the Korean sentiment of a noodle restaurant to the hero fantasy story about demon hunters with different abilities.

The Counters serve to send back evil spirits that have passed over to the earth after receiving power from Yung Ins (creatures living in the underworld) to Yung (underworld). They have twice the strength of humans, and when Ttang (the area where the Counters can use the maximum force) flows, their concentration and powers pumps up to five times. What kind of powers do these demon hunters have?


Jo Byung Kyoo – So Moon (noodle restaurant: part-timer as a hall staff / abilities as Counter: speed, jump)

Credit: OCN

He excels in everything. He can run faster than a car, jump up to the overpass and bend the metal pipe easily with his hands. On top of that, he is the fastest learner among all Counters. With such abilities, he eventually becomes a central figure among the Counters.


Yoo Joon Sang – Ga Mo Tak (noodle restaurant: chef assistant / abilities as Counter: power)

Credit: OCN

He has Herculean strength. Despite his skinny figure, he boasts his compressed combat muscles. Not only does he have keen investigative skills, but he has powers to lift up giant rocks and crush stones to dust.


Kim Se Jeong – Do Ha Na (noodle restaurant: serving / abilities as Counter: detecting evil spirits, psychometry)

Credit: OCN

She is a radar that detects evil spirits miles away. Especially, her psychometry of reading the past by touching a person or object is outstanding. It is the most necessary ability to solve a case and summon evil spirits, but it involves considerable damage, including the cruelty of witnessing murder and the awfulness of having to see the pain and suffering of a dying person.


Yeom Hye Ran – Choo Mae Ok (noodle restaurant: chef / abilities as Counter: Cure)

Credit: OCN

She is the anchor of Counters that boasts quick judgment, accurate planning and judgment, responsibility and powerful charisma. She is the only Counter with the power to cure the wounds, and that’s why Yung “treasures” her.


Ahn Suk Hwan – Choi Jang Mool (abilities as Counter: wealth, managing accidents created by Counters)

Credit: OCN

He is the Counter who wears luxury suits and rides expensive sports cars. Not only is he in charge of all of the Counters’ expenses, but he is also the one who manages all the accidents caused by the Counters. His real job is the chairman of a company that is in the top 50 in Korea.

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