Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa Join Kim So Hyun and Kang Ha Neul in New Historical Drama

Kang Ha Neul, Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa have been included in the final cast lineup for River Where the Moon Rises (literal title).

River Where the Moon Rises tells the tragic love story of Princess Pyeonggang, who uses On Dal’s feelings to her advantage, and On Dal, who makes foolish sacrifices.

Credit: TH Company, E&T Story, KeyEast, Victory Contents, Echo Global Group

As confirmed previously, Kang Ha Neul will play On Dal’s father On Hyup, who holds the key to the drama’s early development. On Hyup is the chief of the Sunnobu tribe and a general for Goguryeo and the kind of person who fulfills his duties and responsibilities for the country and the tribe.

Kim So Hyun plays Pyeonggang/Yum Ga Jin. Pyeonggang is a female warrior who shows both intelligence and cool-headedness. Ji Soo takes on the role of On Dal, a peace-loving, pure man who goes against his principles in order to protect his love, Pyeonggang.

Lee Ji Hoon plays Go Geon, Goguryeo’s elite general who is perfect in every way. For the first time in his life, he longs to make Pyeonggang his and jumps into an intense fight for her heart. Choi Yu Hwa will become Hae Mo Yong, a woman who is determined to control Goguryeo and play with it as she wants. She is a woman with a beautiful appearance, a meticulous personality, a special ability to foresee the future, and has her own big secret. Mo Yong falls madly in love with Go Geon, who has a heart for someone else, adding delicious spices to the drama.

The production team said, “We have completed the cast lineup that is 100 percent in sync with the characters in the script. We focused on solid acting prowess and the chemistry between the characters during the casting process. Please look forward to seeing how these actors will portray the love story between Pyeonggang and On Dal in the Goguryeo tale, and what kind of message and emotion they will convey to modern-day society through the drama.”

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