The Seoul High Court Reveals Names Of Trainees Who Were Victims Of Produce 101 Vote Manipulation

Credit: Mnet
Credit: Mnet

On November 18th, the Seoul High Court disclosed a list of trainees who were victims of the Produce 101 vote manipulation scandal: in season one of Produce 101, trainees Kim Suhyun and Seo Hyelin; in season two of Produce 101, trainees Seong Hyunwoo and Kang Dongho; in Produce 48, Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun; in Produce X 101, Timothée Anzardi, Kim Kookheon, Lee Jinwoo, Koo Jungmo, Lee Jinhyuk, and Keum Donghyun. On the same day, the appellate court maintained sentences for PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum.

The court also revealed the rankings of the trainees before they were rigged out. Lee Gaeun and Han Chowon were ranked 5th and 6th, respectively, before being taken out of the lineup due to vote rigging. Koo Jungmo, Lee Jinhyuk, and Keum Donghyun were ranked 6th, 7th, and 8th on Produce X 101, respectively, before being removed from the lineup.

However, the court decided not to reveal the names of the trainees who were able to debut because of vote manipulation: “It appears that the trainees who benefitted from the situation were not aware of the vote manipulation that was going on. From a certain perspective, these trainees are also victims of this controversy. In addition, there is a high likelihood that these trainees will become targets of criticism and scapegoats for the guilty party if their names are unveiled.”

The Seoul High Court disclosed the specific rounds of voting that the trainees were eliminated in:

Produce 101 Season One (1st round of voting): Kim Suhyun (MYSTIC Entertainment), Seo Hyelin (SS Entertainment)

Produce 101 Season Two (1st round of voting): Seong Hyunwoo (Limitless A.M)

Produce 101 Season Two (4th round of voting): Kang Dongho (NU’EST Baekho)

Produce 48 (4th round of voting): Lee Gaeun (Pledis Entertainment), Han Chowon (Cube Entertainment) [Real final rankings: 5th Lee Gaeun, 6th Han Chowon]

Produce X 101 (1st round of voting): Timothée Anzardi

Produce X 101 (3rd round of voting): Kim Kookheon (B.O.Y Kookheon), Lee Jinwoo (GHOST9 Jinwoo)

Produce X 101 (4th round of voting): Koo Jungmo (CRAVITY Jungmo), Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION Jinhyuk), Keum Donghyun (C9 Entertainment) [Real final rankings: 6th Koo Jungmo, 7th Lee Jinhyuk, 8th Keum Donghyun]

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  • Lol that won’t make us believe that only 3 japanese trainees were able to join the top 12. they literally dominated the rankings throughout the whole show

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