As aespa’s Karina Continued to Be Under Heat, Her Alleged Best Friend Stepped Up to Defend the Artist

Credit: SM Entertainment

A netizen who claims to be the best friend of Karina (aka Yoo Ji Min), a member of SM Entertainment’s rookie girl group aespa, stepped up to defend the artist.

On October 30, a netizen A, who claims to be Yoo Ji Min’s best friend, posted a lengthy article on the online community. A wrote, “There have been many controversies related to Yoo Ji Min, but thinking that the best and the fastest way to resolve them was for the agency to step up, Ji Min’s close friends have kept quiet.”

She added, “All the controversial posts were written by distant people from her school and church.” A then pointed out, “Ji Min has never drank alcohol as a minor. All the controversy over her backbiting her seniors are false. At the time, Ji Min was not allowed to text. Despite her stage name ‘Karina’ being mentioned in the text, Even I, her best friend, had no clue what her stage name was going to be.”

Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo

“This will all be revealed during the litigation. … Unlike the controversy over bullying other trainees, she still has good relationships with them,” A continued.

After the article was posted, Herin, a former SM Rookies trainee, also tweeted, “Don’t believe everything you read online. Seng positive energy.”

Credit: Herin Twitter

Earlier, Yoo Ji Min has been heavily under fire for allegedly insulting some BTS, NCT, and EXO members about their appearance and talents. According to online communities, she bad-mouthed her seniors by saying things like, “They said they’re going to reveal 2 male trainees as NCT members. What’s worse is they’re both not even handsome,” “I should’ve just auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment,” “I guess this is the end of this label,” or “didn’t like BTS originally because they’re ugly.”

However, the controversies even intensified when Yoo Ji Min was revealed to be a member of aespa.

About two weeks ago, SM Entertainment denied all rumors against her and warned of strong legal actions against all malicious comments.

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