Kim Hee Sun Chooses Kang Ha Neul and Yoo Ah In as the Actors She Wants to Work Together

During the interview about her recently-ended drama Alice, Kim Hee Sun praised her fellow co-stars Joo Won and Kwak Shi Yang.

In Alice, which ended on October 24, Kim Hee Sun flawlessly played a double role as genius physicists Yoon Tae Yi and Park Sun Young, Park Jin Gyum’s (Joo Won) mother.

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Q1. What was it like working with Joo Won and Kwak Shi Yang?
They are both so kind. Their behaviors are beyond reproach, and they both have such good personalities. They are younger than me, but I learned a lot. If there’s a food he enjoyed, then Joo Won will always share it with others. It’ a small thing, but seeing him take care of others despite the tiring schedule, I felt that he is just full of lovely charms and really considerate of his seniors and colleagues. Kwak Shi Yang is so nice and charming, too. He practices alone even when he doesn’t have to film. He is very faithful and also friendly. Instead of calling me “noona (older sis),” he calls me “goddess noona.”


Q2. You played a character that went back and forth between her 20s and 40s and even traveled time.
After watching the first episode, I was more satisfied than I expected. It showed various sides of myself to the point where I could say I showed more than half of what I wanted to show, so personally, I was satisfied. About jumping time and space, I had to give it a lot of thought. Challenging the SF genre is difficult considering various circumstances. I had to talk to the director and the actors. But I think we expressed it pretty well. It wasn’t as much as 120% as I wanted, but the director and I were satisfied with the outcome.

Credit: SBS

Q3. All filming was completed before the social distancing went from level 2 to level 2.5.
I think we formed a strong comradeship. I still keep in touch with the staff. I think the fact that we relied on each other during difficult times got us closer. We didn’t get to hold the after-show party. When the filming ended in August, the situation with COVID-19 was worsened, and it just wasn’t the mood to hold the party, so we canceled it. It became difficult to enjoy a meal nowadays. I felt bad, and I hope to share a drink and have a good time with our staff members when things dial down a bit.


Q4. People say that Alice‘s big frame is maternal love.
Mother’s love is always heartbreaking. But I think that’s the parent’s feelings. I have a daughter in the fifth grade, and I wondered how I would feel if I died, leaving her behind. When had the hearts of Sun Young, I cried just looking at Joo Won. I think that’s what maternal love is.


Q5. Are there any other actors you want to work with?
There are many good actors, but it’ll be Kang Ha Neul and Yoo Ah In if I have to choose. Kang Ha Neul’s performance in When the Camellia Blooms was quite impressive. Yoo Ah In says every word carefully and seriously. I recently watched #ALIVE, and I saw a whole new charm there. I felt that he was born to be an actor.


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