With His Baseball Skills and Perfect Visuals, V Might Just Be the Perfect Vampire for the Cullen Family

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The official Twitter account of The Twilight Saga dubbed BTS’s V as their “bias.”

In the fifth episode of JTBC’s BTS In The SOOP, which aired on Sept. 16, BTS started playing baseball with each other, and V picked up the bat and got into position. He then showed off his baseball skills by twirling the bat and hitting the incoming ball. 

Fans immediately compared V with Twilight‘s vampires, and especially Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone), one of the vampires from the Cullen family. They dug up the iconic baseball scenes from the movie and shared it alongside V’s baseball technique.

When the tweets went viral, “THE TWILIGHT SAGA” retweeted the post and wrote, “I think we found our @bts_twt bias.” Soon, LIONSGATE, the production company of the Twilight franchise, also enjoyed global fans’ attention by commenting with three heart-emoticons and a picture of Jin making an “okay” sign.

As V had previously been nicknamed “Taehyung Cullen” by fans for his cold and unrealistic beauty, fans are showing even more enthusiastic reactions.

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