[Upcoming K-Drama] Near-Future Society Introduced in SF Anthology ‘SF8’

The project SF8, joined by broadcasting stations, film industry, and OTT, is finally unveiled.

SF8 is an SF Anthology series and will tell the story of a near-future where people dream of a perfect world with technological developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robot, game, fantasy, horror, superpowers, disaster. It has already been released through Wavve and will be aired on MBC every Friday from August 14. Check out the preview of the 8 stories.


The Prayer

The mother has been in a coma for 10 years, and her caregiver is exhausted. The nursing robot, which looks after both of them, becomes distressed over who it should save.



In a world where most people deify and have blind faith in Manxin, AI fortunetelling service, Seonho and Garam search for its developer and discover the true nature of Manxin.



Ji Woo, who lost her parents in an autonomous car accident in childhood, is a detective who believes in her senses and abilities, rather than the artificial intelligence that works from typed commands. Now, she partners with an artificial intelligence presence, Seo Nang. Can Ji Woo and Seo Nang make a dream team and catch the criminal?


Joan’s Galaxy

The world is covered with fine dust, and Cs, who were injected with expensive antibodies at birth, enjoy a life expectancy of 100 years, while Ns, who were not injected, live a completely different life, with a life expectancy of just 30. Having lived her entire life as a C, 26-year-old college student Yi Oh finds out that she was not given the antibody injection at birth thanks to a mistake at the hospital. Now, she begins to wonder about the life of Ns for the first time.


Empty Body

Hye Ra manages to revive her dead son by combining part of his brain with AI. One day, Hye Ra finds her son’s behavior is changing, and suspects that AI is deceiving her and wiping out her son’s soul.


Baby it’s over outside

When there’s only a week left before the world comes to an end, people reveal all sorts of hidden secrets like their sexual orientation, even psychic abilities. Hye Hwa tries to prevent the world from coming to an end with the help of the psychics, whereas Kim Nam Woo is only sad about being single his whole life. Will they be able to stop the apocalypse and love for the first time?


Love Virtually

In the near future, more than half of the world population uses ‘Love Virtually,’ a virtual app. Min Joon and Jin Won created their IDs with their faces before plastic surgery and developed their love for each other. On the anniversary of the 100th day of their first meeting, the couple is about to make love, but the system suddenly went down.


White Crow

Juno, a star game broadcaster, is embroiled in a controversy when a former classmate claims Juno falsely made up her own past. Having lost all her money, fame, and fans that she had accrued over time, she returns with a new trauma game to recover her reputation but ended up getting trapped in the virtual world.

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