K-Movie Review: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Film that Focuses on Action More than Narrative

The upcoming movie Deliver Us From Evil that advocates “hard-boiled chase action” is awaiting the audience’s evaluation.

Deliver Us From Evil is the second full-length film by director Hong Won Chan, who made his debut in 2015 with Office. It depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam, who gets caught up in a new case because of his final contract killing mission, and Ray, his ruthless pursuer. Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae, who worked together for the first time in seven years since New World, will show intense action as the two main characters who can’t back down.

Before its release on August 5, let’s refer to the editors’ candid reviews.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

What is the most impressive part?

Editor Seo Hae Lan: Camera movements in action scenes. Over the past few years, action films have focused on filming the action “as it is,” making the action scenes feel more like actual fights. Naturally, the stunt composition and choreography have developed over time, but the camera works and editing became monotonous. But Deliver Us From Evil found the answer in the filming itself to maximize the advantages of real action and break away from monotony. The camera shakes appropriately to match the “hitting” scene as if it were directly shocked and conveys the pain that the characters feel when they are hit. What’s there to 3D and 4D? The proper composition of the camera movement and sound can convey the same sense to the audience. For some, it might even be better than the 4D, which “taps” on the butt and back.

Editor Kim Won Hee: As the movie advocates “hard-boiled chase action,” the action scenes certainly catch the eyes. These action scenes between a former hitman and a murderer known for his cruelty, leave a strong impression by properly mixing slow and fast movements, making them come alive as if they were happening right in front of us. Since the actions are highlighted but the excessive violent descriptions are reduced, audiences who find it hard to see the brutal scenes can enjoy the movie more comfortably.

Editor Hong Hyun Jung: The performances of the two actors, Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae, are amazing, but the movie captivates the viewers with an intense style rare in recent years. Sensuous images, that I would like to say that cinematographer (Hong Kyung Pyo), gaffer (Bae Il Hyuk), art director (Jo Hwa Sung) are the real heroes, create a variety of attractions. If the early sequences in Japan and Korea focus on emotionally showing the impoverished psychology of In Nam, who is sick of his life as a hitman, the movie reverses the mood with dynamic and striking action after moving to Thailand. The Incheon scene, where the temperature of the play shifts, impressively captures the complex and subtle feelings of In Nam with bold color palettes and composition, attracting people to the story of the character even with insufficient narratives.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Advantages VS Disadvantages

Editor Seo Hae Lan: The chase itself between two men is the event and the movie. Basically, the thrilling action of a man trying to save someone precious and a man chasing him is everything. If you enjoy action or spectacle, you will really enjoy the movie. But if you are into meticulous and detailed stories, you will not understand why these men go all the way to Thailand to kill each other until the very end.

Editor Kim Won Hee: With chase and action scenes at the center, In Nam and Ray are not given too many narratives, so the story flows intuitively and neatly. As a result, the action scenes continue quickly without giving the audience time to be bored and maximize the genre’s appeal. However, because of this, it is a pity that the people around In Nam are used only as a device that gives directions. Especially, the usages of the mother and the daughter, who became the reasons why In Nam had to leave for Thailand, and Yoo Yi, In Nam’s helper, are all the more regrettable.

Editor Hong Hyun Jung: I can imagine how the story will go without a headache. Instead of adding unnecessary narratives, the movie pushes the narrative, which we can already draw the ending, in a specific style, but presses down on the emotions of these characters. Since emotions are not fuming, the style pursued by the film is more prominent, and this male-centered criminal action film that is repeated over and over again seems less boring. Thanks to this, you can enjoy this movie that captured both action and style, with a lighter heart.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Editor Seo Hae Lan: The story is lacking, but it looks good, so… (5/10)

Editor Kim Won Hee: A breathtaking chase between the desperate man and ruthless revenger (5/10)

Editor Hong Hyun Jung: Real action that presses the emotions but highlights the style (6.5/10)

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