Fans Explode After SF9’s Rowoon Attended Schedules on Crutches

SF9’s Rowoon, who informed rescheduling due to health issues, is reportedly pushing ahead with his schedules, deepening fans’ concerns.

After Rowoon was told from the doctor to avoid intense movements, FNC Entertainment, Rowoon’s label, announced the rescheduling of his schedules. However, on July 17, just one day after the announcement, they announced SF9’s new activity as a group, and on July 20, Rowoon appeared on the set on crutches.

Credit: online community, Wikitree

In addition, Ro Woon is known to have attended all schedules, including a video call fan signing event. Especially, Rowoon has been standing throughout the fan signing event due to his back pain.

Fans are furious with the label.


“Why did they announce the rescheduling if nothing has been changed?”

“Why doesn’t this company protect their artist?”

“I knew FNC you guys are crazy about the money, but this is too much. If you want Rowoon to bring you more money, then stop overworking him.”

“‘Rowoon not attending’ should be included in every new schedules. But now he is walking on crutches.”

Credit: Twitter, Wikitree

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