‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Hwang Jung Min Says He Wanted to Make a Movie that Audience Could Enjoy

Hwang Jung Min, who left the country for overseas filming, conducted an interview ahead of the release of Deliver Us From Evil. In the movie, Hwang Jung Min played the role of a desperate assassin and showed a passionate performance by expressing delicate emotions and performing real actions.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Q1. How do you feel about the release?

I’m so happy and excited, but I’m so sorry about the current situation (COVID-19). Still, I hope watching Deliver Us From Evil will give the audience a time to relieve their frustrations.


Q2. In the opening sequence, you showed the desire to leave the assassin world, and at the same time, presented exhaustion. What was the main focus of your acting?

First of all, the question “why did this man become an assassin” was the biggest concern. How much of a big burden does this man hold, why did he choose the wrong path of being an assassin, and how he was destroyed from the inside and became impoverished by doing the jobs were the important points. I prepared the character so that the audience can understand that “Kim In Nam is not proud of having such a job, and is suffering a lot.”


Q3. Why did you choose an action film after a long time?

When I first got the script, it was easy and funt oread. I had the desire to work on the movie that the audience can easily watch and enjoy. Rather than a movie that makes you think a lot and makes you feel heavy, I wanted to present the audience a movie that they can enjoy the pleasure from the action scenes and relieve their stress.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Q4. The confrontation with Lee Jug Jae, who you’ve met once again after the New World, is overwhelming.

There were many scenes were violent actions were required, so we half-jokingly said, “Don’t get hurt and if you have any problems, let’s stop before we start.” I’ve worked with Lee Jung Jae in New World and stayed close since then, so we are good together either on and off the filming sites.


Q5. How was working with Park Jung Min?

I think the role Yoo Yi, played by Park Jung Min, is the best character that invigorates this movie. He’s such an amazing actor and also has a great sense. So there’s an infinite trust. And as his senior, I really want to compliment him on a job well done.


Q6. Your movie is one fo the BIG3 Korean movies this summer. What are your thoughts?

COVID-19 is making it difficult for the movie industry and society as a whole. In this situation, I hope that all films, including our film, will do well and help both the audience and the film industry. If we follow the rules of personal prevention rules thoroughly and create a mature and safe theater culture, the day when we can all enjoy and get excited about the movies will come.

Source: CJ Entertainment

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