Netizens Show Mixed Reactions to Lee Hi’s First Comeback Stage

Credit: M Countdown

Lee Hi, who recently settled in a new label, is receiving mixed reactions for her first performance of “HOLO.”

On July 23, Lee Hi held her first stage performance of her new song “HOLO” on Mnet’s M Countdown. On the stage, she boasted a more mature visuals in a black off-shoulder dress and long straight hair.

Some netizens pointed out her singing. Lee Hi continued to sing with an uneasy tone, seemingly nervous. Some pointed out that the low-pitched section, which feels like a gospel, of the song sounded unnatural.

While some voiced criticisms, saying, “She sounds really uneasy,” “Is it just me or does she often sound different from her record?,” or “I like her voice, but not her singing,” most people showed favorable reactions, saying, “This is her first stage in a while. Giver her a break,” “She was nervous. That’s all,” or “She sounds amazing, you haters.”

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