Jun Ji Hyun to Star in ‘Kingdom: Asin,’ the Supplementary Story of Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’

Credit: Netflix, Hankook Ilbo

Jun Ji Hyun will join hands with writer Kim Eun Hee to showcase Netflix’s Kingdom: Asin, the supplementary story to the original series of Kingdom.

Kingdom: Asin tells a separate story from the Kingdom Season 1 and 2. The main story is expected to revolve around the Asin, an unknown figure and character played by Jun Ji Hyun, who appeared in the ending scene of Kingdon Season 2.

“Fans were curious about Asin, who appeared at the end of ‘Kingdom 2’,” an official from Kingdom said. “We will focus on showing how Asin survived and grew up in the days of the Joseon Dynasty when zombies were rampant.“

Jun Ji Hyun and writer Kim Eun Hee, who are already working together in a new drama, Mount Jiri (literal translation), are simultaneously working on the two works, exchanging many opinions. Director Kim Sung Hoon, who was in charge of directing Kingdom Season 1, will direct the upcoming story.

“The main actors who led ‘Kingdom Season 1 and 2′ cannot film ‘Kingdom Season 3′ due to scheduling issues, so the story where all of these characters appear together will only be available two to three years later,“ he added. “Naturally, ‘Kingdom: Asin’ will be introduced first.“

Kingdom: Asin, centered on Jun Ji Hyun, is known to focus on the process of finding the root of zombies. In addition to Asin’s story, there is a high possibility that the characters who have already died in season 1 and 2 will reappear, including Young Shin (Kim Sung Kyu).

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