Fans Are Loving TEEN TOP Niel’s First VR Version Vlog

Credit: YouTube ‘NIEL’

TEEN TOP’s Niel gave a big laugh when he tried his first vlog.

On July 9, Niel released his daily life through his YouTube channel, “NIEL.” Niel said, “You’ve waited a long time. This is my first VLOG. I didn’t add any subtitles. I didn’t put it in on purpose, but if Dongyi (fandom) wants them, I’ll put it in the next video.“

But the problem was not the subtitles. The video came out all skewed, surprising the viewers. This was because the video was uploaded in the VR version. Apart from the dreamy background music, the distorted images from beginning to end were enough to make people laugh.

When Niel found out about it belatedly, he used the comments to say, “No! Why did this come out on VR? It’s not supposed to be like this. I’ll reupload it. I’m sorry. What the hell is this?“

Credit: YouTube ‘NIEL’

Soon, Niel deleted the original post and posted the normal version of his vlog. However, on July 10, at the request of his fans, Niel reuploaded the VR version.

Niel made his debut as a member of TEEN TOP in 2010 and has continued both group and solo activities. Since last year, he has been doing game streaming and was selected as an honorary player in the professional gaming team.

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