[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to Criminal Investigation Drama ‘The Good Detective’

The Good Detective, which had once postponed its premiere date, will officially begin its journey today (July 6).

A joint project of producer Cho Nam Guk and writer Choi Jin Won, who have already showed off their chemistry in Untouchable, JTBC’s new drama The Good Detective depicts the satisfying investigation of the two opposite detectives digging into the truth of a past case.


Son Hyun Joo – Kang Do Chang (detective of the Incheon Seobu Police Station’s Violent Crime Unit 2)

Credit: JTBC

He has worked as a detective for the past 18 years. He might not have the best investigative skills, but he is armed with sincerity and loyalty. Ahead of the death penalty of Lee Dae Chul, who he arrested five years ago for murdering a college student and the detective in charge, new evidence surfaces, putting him in shock. If Lee Dae Chul is innocent, not only he, but also his colleagues, prosecutors, and judges can’t dodge the responsibilities. However, as a detective, he follows his gut to track down the truth of the case.


Jang Seung Jo – Oh Ji Hyuk (detective of the Incheon Seobu Police Station’s Violent Crime Unit 2)

Credit: JTBC

He is an elite detective and a graduate of the police academy, who is returning to the force after serving eight years at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s regional investigation unit and a one-year leave of absence. Though not humane, he catches criminals with his keen ability to catch details in the crime scenes and insight into the criminal’s psychology. After meeting Kang Do Chan. who appeals to emotions rather than reasons, and his team as his partners, he digs into the hidden truth of the case of Lee Dae Chul, who is currently on a death row. But in the process, as evidences that are connected to his deprived childhood come up, he gets deeply involved in the case.


Lee Elijah – Jin Seo Kyung (a local news journalist)

Credit: JTBC

She has a sense of duty as a journalist who can help people who are under false charges. The words of prosecutor Kim Ki Tae, who even made an arrest after covering the case alone, shake up journalist Jin Seo Kyung. She uses the journalist’s gut to dig up the case, but the informant is found dead, and the case falls into a mystery. But this time, she is not alone. She joins hands with detectives Kang Do Chang and Oh Ji Hyuk to chase the truth.


Oh Jung Se – Oh Jong Tae (the head of Incheon Real Estate Trust)

Credit: JTBC

He is Oh Ji Hyuk’s cousin and an arrogant person who inherited a substantial legacy and enjoys the power he holds. When Oh Ji Hyuk, who became a detective, tracks down a 5-year-old murder case, he uses his money to erase the truth one after another.

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