Sunmi Openly Takes a Shot at the Hater Who Left a Mean Comment

Sunmi personally posted a pleasant reply to a malicious comment, drawing attention.

On June 29, a video titled, “Sunmi’s Look Me Up” was posted on YouTube channel 1theK Originals. The video showed Sunmi responding to her page on Namuwiki and the comments.

In order to start, she had to access the online community DC Inside, but Sunmi said, “But I have to tell you one thing. I know that there are the haters who always reside in the Wonder Girls gallery. So it’s been three years since I have accessed the gallery.” In response, the production team decided not to access the community site to protect Sunmi.

Credit: YouTube ‘1theK Originals’

After that, Sunmi looked at the comments left on a music chart page. Most of them were positive, showing their expectations for her new song, but one mean comment was captured on the album page of WARNING, which was released in 2018.

It read, “Since this song, she’s been on the slump.” When Sunmi saw it, she got furious, saying, “What’s this *** saying? Hey, ‘LALALAY’ won the first place!” She even replied to the comment, writing, “How can people succeed all the time? Going through ups and downs, that the beauty of life.”

Credit: Wikitree, Naver

Later, netizens visited the page and left more replies, criticizing the malicious comment.

Meanwhile, Sunmi released her hew song “pporappipam” at 6:00 p.m on June 29 KST.

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