Replay the Classic K-Drama: How ‘I Hear Your Voice’ Started the “Soo Ha Craze”

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Credit: SBS

I Hear Your Voice was aired in the summer of 2013 and became the talk of the town. It was initially planned as a 16-episode series, but thanks to its syndrome-like popularity, two more episodes were added. What kind of charm did the drama show that it was able to captivate the viewers? We will look at the critical points of I Hear Your Voice, which is still highly recommended among drama enthusiasts even seven years after its broadcast.


A Well-Made Drama that Combines Unique Material and Diverse Genres

I Hear Your Voice depicts a series of events that take place when a lawyer, Hye Sung, meets a boy named Soo Ha, who can read other people’s thoughts. The setting of “He can read people’s thoughts just by looking at their eyes” came as a fantasy element against the realistic backdrop, stimulating viewers’ curiosity.

As a drama where a lawyer is the main character, it contained a fierce court scenes, enlivening the fun of legal drama. On top of that, surprising twists in every episode added to the enjoyment of the mystery-thriller genre, and the romance between Hye Sung and Soo Ha was an indispensable attraction. I Hear Your Voice perfectly captured both fun and quality by combining the unique materials with various genres.


The “Soo Ha Craze” that Made Lee Jong Suk Who He Is Today

Credit: SBS

Lee Jong Suk is a Hallyu star who is loved not only in Korea but also abroad. And I Hear Your Voice is the work that allowed him to stand where he stands now. Lee Jong Suk played the role of Soo Ha, who reads people’s minds, and showed flawless performances. At first, there were lots of concerns over whether Lee Jong Suk, who didn’t have that much acting experience, would be able to portray a character with complicated emotions. However, Lee Jong Suk completely digested his role with his outstanding acting, dispelling all concerns surrounding him. In particular, he captivated many female fans by presenting sweet romance with 10-year older Lee Bo Young, who played the role of Hye Sung.

With Lee Jong Suk’s passionate performances, the entire Korea fell into “Soo Ha Craze” in the summer of 2013. Even after the drama ended, Lee Jong Suk became the hot topic, and rose to stardom while filming numerous commercials and works. Even to now, Soo Ha is the first thing that comes to mind for drama fans when they think of Lee Jong Suk, making Soo Ha the unforgettable character in the actor’s career.


Lee Bo Young’s Grand Prize-Winning Transformation

Lee Jong Suk is not the only one who made headlines with I Hear Your Voice. Lee Bo Young, who played the main character (lawyer Hye Sung), expanded her spectrum by breaking away from her original calm and innocent images. She won the Grand Prize at the 2013 SBS Acting Awards for her bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical, and yet lovely performances.

Credit: SBS

Jung Woong In, who played the role of Min Joon Kook, was also rediscovered through I Hear Your Voice. Jung Woong In, who had a strong comical images, showed a fantastic acting transformation by portraying psychopath killer Min Joon Kook. In particular, “I will kill you if you tell,” the line he said to young Hye Sung, who witnessed his murder, became the popular meme at the time and produced various parodies, drawing unexpected popularity. Yoon Sang Hyun, who played naive lawyer Cha Kwan Woo who entirely trusts his clients, and Lee Da Hee, who played the role of prosecutor Seo Do Yeon who always goes up against Hye Sung in court, added another fun to the drama.

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