Park Bo Gum Loo-a-Like High School Student Warns Haters that He’ll Take Legal Actions

Credit: KBS Joy

The high school student who appeared in Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller appealed to stop the malicious comments.

The latest episode of KBS Joy’s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller, which aired on May 26, featured a high school senior, Min Seo, who was concerned about “looking too much like Park Bo Gum.”

His concern was that he made headlines for his resemblance of Park Bo Gum, even though he never claimed that he was the actor’s look-a-like.

His selfies shown during the episode did surely resemble the actor. Lee Soo Geun said, “You took the pictures trying to be the look-a-like. Weren’t you following him?” To which, the friend answered, “He has a teeth complex, so that’s why he takes photos like that.”

Min Seo said, “I like all the interest, but people are saying that I’m ugly,” and added, “I don’t think of myself as ugly, but when you compare me with Park Bo Gum, I might look ugly. A year ago, someone slapped my head from behind when I was walking down the street.”

However, after the broadcast, malicious comments were poured out. So on May 26, Min Seo wrote on his Instagram Story, “Don’t be sarcastic. My condition was terrible the day before [filming], and my face was completely bloated. I’m going to take legal action on all malicious comments.”

Credit: Min Seo Instagram

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