Self-Proclaimed Park Bo Gum Look-Alike High School Boy Underwent Plastic Surgery to Look More Like the Actor

Credit: Min Seo YouTube Channel

Recently, the high school student who gained much attention for his self-claim of looking like Park Bo Gum became a hot topic once again.

Back in May, Min Seo received a lot of hate after appearing on KBS Joy’s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller with concerns of looking “too much like Park Bo Gum.” Since then, he became a YouTuber and shared his daily life with people.

On July 26, he posted a post-surgery vlog, regaining the attention. According to the video, he got a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and an eye job (Blepharoplasty) along with fillers to define his chin.

People expressed their shocks as the pictures he took after surgery made it clear that he underwent surgery to look more like actor Park Bo Gum.

“This is beginning to look a bit obsessive.”

“Now he’s even trying to smile like Park Bo Gum.”

”He‘s still in high school, and he got a nose job, eye job and chin job? Is that even legal?”

“This is getting out of control. Someone should help him.”

“Personally, getting a plastic surgery is not a recommended thing, but getting surgery to look like someone else is the worst idea.”

“Min Seo, I began watching your YouTube for fun, but this is not okay.”

“Should his parents be stopping him?”

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