Park Yoo Chun Continues His Controversial Moves and Will Face Trial Over Failure To Pay Damages Today

Credit: Park Yoo Chun Instagram

Park Yoo Chun, who had previously announced his retirement due to a drug scandal, is saying different things once again.

On April 20, Park Yoo Chun announced his official fansite being opened on his Instagram by writing, “With all the expectations and love from fans, Park Yoo Chun’s official fansite has opened. Look forward to good news and various activities through his official fansite.‘

Recruitment of paid fan clubs has also begun. The annual membership fee for his fansite is about 54 USD, and it includes contents for membership holding fans only, pre-sales before events, events for fan clubs and official MD. In particular, special pictorial that costs around 75 USD and an annual membership fee of 54 USD are two or three times higher than those of other K-POP stars, and membership fees are paid only through account transfers.

Credit: Park Yoo Chun Instagram

Recently, Park Yoo Chun has continued his activities, signaling his comeback to the entertainment industry. At the end of April last year, he was arrested and indicted on charges of taking methamphetamine and released in July that year after being sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years probation in the first trial. Earlier on April 10 last year, Park Yoo Chun held a press conference when allegations of drug use surfaced and strongly denied such allegations. At the press conference, he declared that he would retire from the entertainment industry if he was found guilty. In the process, his agency C-JeS Entertainment terminated the contract with Park Yoo Chun and formalized his retirement.

However, he held a paid fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, in January, when he was serving his probation period, sparking the controversy. In March, when suspicions were raised that he was trying to make his comeback, he was heavily criticized for appearing on a private live broadcast on Twitch hosted by his younger brother Park Yoo Hwan. He then launched his official SNS channels, resuming his activities in earnest.

Credit: Park Yoo Chun Instagram

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun’s detention trial will take place at the Uijeongbu District Court on April 22. In 2016, Park Yoo Chun was sued by four women on the charge of sexual assaults in bathrooms of an adult entertainment establishment and his house. Later he was found not guilty of all four cases, but he filed a complaint against one of the women who claimed sexual assault damage on charges of defamation by false accusations and publications. However, she was also cleared of all charges and filed a criminal complaint against Park Yoo Chun in December of 2018 for compensation.

Later, Park Yoo Chun received mandatory mediation from the court to pay 50 million KRW (approx. 40,530 USD) to the woman, but did not compensate her. Eventually, she filed a request for specification of Park Yoo Chun’s property in order to collect the damages and the interest that has accrued in last December, but when he refused to answer once again, a detention trial has been planned.

Detention trial is conducted if the debtor fails to appear on the date of specification and/or refuses to submit the list of property, and depending on the outcome of the trial, the debtor may be locked up in a detention for a certain period of time.

While Park Yoo Chun, who has consistently ignored claims for damages, may be put under detention if he does not show up at the trial, attention is being paid on whether he will show up in a lawsuit related to his compensation for the first time.

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