Ong Seong Wu Talks about His Career as a Singer and an Actor

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For Ong Seong Wu, the year 2019 marked a “new beginning” as an actor. By finishing in fifth place for the final competition on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017, he successfully proved his capabilities. Then by releasing a single album WE BELONG and solo album LAYERS, and starring in JTBC’s Moment at Eighteen, he succeeded in establishing himself as an artist capable of both singing and acting.

He also proved his presence as an actor by winning the Best New Actor Award at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards (hereinafter referred to as the 2019 AAA), which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November 2019.

In an interview with Star News, Ong Seong Wu said, “I was really happy to receive the Best New Actor Award with my first work ‘Moment at Eighteen,’” and added, “As much as the weight of the New Actor Award, I thought that I should become an actor who shows good performances in good words in the future.”

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In Moment at Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu played the role of Choi Hoon Woo, a high school student who calmly walks his own way despite the pain over his parents’ divorce, leading the play with a stable presence and successfully establishing himself as an actor. He also captivated the hearts of female viewers with his sculptural-like appearance, even gaining the nickname “Ong-vid.”

As he looked back in 2019, he said that the moments he filmed for Moment at Eighteen are the most memorable.

“I’ve met a good work called ‘Moment at Eighteen’ and I was grateful that many people supported and cheered my new start. Those moments of filming the drama are the most memorable moments. In every filming, the staff and fellow actors took such good care of me. Especially, it was more fun since I was able to work together with actors my age.”

Ong Seong Wu won the Best New Actor Award a the 2019 AAA, but he didn’t neglect his career as a singer at all. Through the digital single WE BELONG, he showed his love for his fandom WELO and successfully held a fan meeting at the Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Later, he was able to capture the messages he wanted to say through his mini-album LAYERS released last month. He also showed off his sing-songwriter ability by participating in the writing and composing of the album.

Credit: Fantagio

“As for the LAYERS, I wanted to put myself in the music. Since it’s my first solo album, I thought it was important that I express myself in the songs. It’s my story, but it could be someone else’s story. I always think I would love to tell my stories that anyone can relate to through music. And it’ll also be nice if my fans can listen to my stories comfortably.”

Ong Seong Wu’s activities are expected to continue in 2020. He has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s new drama, Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers (literal translation), which is scheduled to air in 2020. It’s a romantic comedy drama about a man and a woman, Lee Soo (Ong Seong Wu) and Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Eun), who have a crush on each other over a decade.

Lastly, Ong Seong Wu did not forget to greet his fans by saying, “I want to work hard so that I won’t be disappointed when the end of the year comes. I think I will be able to show you various activities.”

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