Park Yoo Chun Opened an Official SNS Account → Signaling Comeback?

Park Yoo Chun, who mentioned his retirement when the drug scandal first broke out, recently opened his official SNS page. Some are reading this as the signal of his comeback.

Park released a screenshot of his new official account through his personal Instagram account. He mostly posted pictures of food on his Instagram account, minimizing the exposure of himself. However, the first picture posted on the official account is the photo of himself.

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[Notice] 박유천 씨의 공식 트위터와 인스타 계정이 오픈되었습니다. 앞으로 공식 SNS를 통해 유천씨의 다양한 소식과 새로운 모습을 전해드릴 예정이니 많은 사랑과 관심 부탁드립니다. #박유천 #parkyuchun

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The first post with his picture wrote, “Park Yoo Chun’s official Twitter and Instagram account have been opened. We will be sharing various news and new images of him, so please give us a lot of love and interest.”

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