UPDATE: ASTRO Unveils Their Preview Images for ‘ONE&ONLY’

UPDATED March 9:

ASTRO (MJ, JinJin, Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, Rocky and Yoon Sanha) released a group preview image of their speical single album ONE&ONLY.

ASTRO, who earlier attracted the attention by unveiling the preview images of individual member, released a more attractive group images, further raising the expectations for their upcoming album.

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ASTRO’s JinJin and Yoon Sanha created a lively and cozy atmosphere in their newly released preview image.

ASTRO is releasing their preview image one by one ahead of the release of their special single album ONE&ONLY on March 13. On March 6 and 7, each images of ASTRO’s leader JinJin and the youngest member Yoon Sanha were released, drawing attention.

Credit: Fantagio

In the preview images, JinJin holds a bouquet of flowers and looks at the camera with mellow eyes, raising the expectations of the fans. Yoon Sanha’s more mature looks combined with the sophisticated set with cozy atmosphere are grabbing the attention as well. The bouquet of flowers that members are holding presents the gratitude ASTRO is sending to AROHA, their fans.

The special single ONE&ONLY is a fan song that the group is presenting to fans to celebrate the fourth anniversary of ASTRO’s debut. In particular, the lyrics are written personally by the members. The release of preview images of all ASTRO members before the official offline release stimulates the curiosity about new ASTRO image to be included in the album.

Meanwhile, ASTRO’s special single album ONE&ONLY will be released offline on March 13.

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