‘Comeback’ VICTON Pre-Releases Music Video for Their New Song ‘Howling’ on March 9

VICTON, who is making a comeback as a whole, will pre-release the music video for their new song “Howling.”

Their agency PlayM Entertainmet reported that they decided to pre-release the music video for “Howling” at midnight of March 9, which is 18 hours before the official release of VICTON’s sixth mini-album Continuous.

The agency previously released the teaser for the music video for “Howling” on VICTON’s official SNS accounts and fan cafe at midnight of March 6. This 20 seconds teaser video raised the expectations by presenting the story of the seven VICTON members and their enhanced masculine beauty. The sensuous sound and lyrics reminiscent of a sad cry in line with the title “Howling,” portrayed VICTON’s “sensual charisma.”

VICTON’s new song, “Howling,“ is an impressive dance song with lyrics expressing feelings for a missed one with hip-hop based beats and sounds reminiscent of sad cries.

Each track of their new album Continuous tells the story of “we are still connected even with the end of love.” Also, it is drawing keen attention as the first album in more than a year and 10 months, where all seven members, including Han Seung Woo, took part since TIME OF SORROW, released in 2018.

Meanwhile, VICTON’s sixth mini-album Continuous and title track “Howling” will be released on major music sites at 6 p.m. on March 9.

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