LOONA Shares Goal for Billboard


Second year of debut. They are full of confidence. The 12 member girl group LOONA tossed their hat into the ring for the race for Billboard with their new song “So What.

They held a showcase for their new mini album Hash(#) at YES24 Live Hall on Saturday and proved that they were ready for whatever comes next. “The keyword for this album is ‘Burn’. We’re determined to burn everything down.”


Music video for the title track “So What” also showed a powerful start with the phrase “Burn Yourself.” This shows how they plan on turning the table by leaving their dreamlike innocence images and challenging their intense ‘Girl Crush’ images.

One notable fact about this album is that producer Lee Soo-Man, head of SM Entertainment, took part in producing. This is the first time that Lee ever produced non-SM singers. Naturally, there has been a lot of interest in whether LOONA will make oversea expansions.

LOONA debuted in 2018 after releasing members one by one a month. With its unique concepts, LOONA has been drawing more and more attention as a next generation K-POP group. In fact, they are the first K-POP girl group to make it to the top on both iTunes’s singles (365) and album (XX) charts.

Now, they are aiming for a new goal, entering Billboard main chart. “Although something unbelievable already happened, we want to try again,” they said. “We want to differentiate ourselves from other K-POP groups and use our own units and performances to enter the main chart.”


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