7 Korean Celebrities Over 40 Who Are Happily Single

lee seo jin marriage
lee seo jin marriage
Credit: ZAPZEE, Netflix, iMBC

South Korea’s entertainment scene is full of talented stars, and some of the most captivating personalities choose to focus on their careers and personal lives outside of marriage. Here are a few inspiring Korean celebrities over 40 who are rocking the single life in 2024.

Lee Dong Wook (42)
Lee Dong Wook
Credit: ZAPZEE

Promoting his film Single in Seoul last year, Lee Dong Wook admitted he could relate a little too well to the bachelor life. “Playing Young Ho really resonated with me,” he said. “Being single for so long, I’ve gotten used to having my own space and doing things on my own terms. It’s almost like my ‘love cells’ are going dormant. Of course, there are always social obligations and things you have to do with others, but being single lets you live life entirely on your own terms. It’s become a familiar routine, but yeah, there’s definitely a part of me that craves connection. I’d love to meet someone special someday.”

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Jung Woo Sung (51)
Jung Woo Sung
Credit: ZAPZEE

Jung Woo Sung has been on a roll lately with his latest movie Spring in Seoul, which became a massive hit and garnered great reviews along with an audience of over 10 million viewers. Now, with all that success behind him, everyone’s buzzing about his love life. Known for his down-to-earth personality and exceptional acting skills, Jung Woo Sung has revealed his thoughts on marriage. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m not ruling out marriage. I’ve always missed the timing, but it’s definitely on my radar.”

With his recent success, some wonder if wedding bells might be next or if his on-screen melodramas will become a reality. Meanwhile, Jung Woo Sung has kept his love life private since his last reported relationship with Lee Ji Ah in 2011.

Lee Seo Jin (53)
Lee Seo Jin
Credit: iMBC

Similar to Jung Woo Sung, Lee Seo Jin has fans eagerly waiting for him to settle down. This might seem surprising considering his cool and collected image. However, Lee Seo Jin has frequently shown his softer side with his nephew. He even surprised viewers on a TV show by saying, “When he turns two, I’ll retire and devote everything to him.”

After his public relationship with actress Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin’s name has been linked to a few other stars, including Jung Yumi. However, the rumors of a romance with his Jinny’s Kitchen co-star turned out to be just that – rumors.

Kim Hye Soo (53)
Kim Hye Soo
Credit: Hodu & U Entertainment

Turning 53 this year, Kim Hye Soo revealed a refreshingly honest outlook on marriage: “Living alone for the rest of my life wouldn’t be a problem at all.” She said she simply doesn’t see the reason to get married if she doesn’t have to. She also opened up about a past relationship. There was someone she truly believed she could spend her life with, but sadly, that ended, and so did her desire for marriage right along with it.

In another interview, she mentioned that she has so many good colleagues around her that she doesn’t feel lonely and even said she’s looking into where to spend her remaining years alone after retiring from acting.

Kim Sa Rang (46)

Kim Sa Rang treated her fans to a glimpse of her day with a recent Instagram post. On June 3rd, she shared a few photos captioned simply, “Beautiful weather!” The snaps show her enjoying a delightful afternoon tea set at a charming coffee shop. Kim Sa Rang was born in 1978 and is 46 years old this year.

A familiar face in the Korean entertainment scene since her Miss Korea win in 2000, she recently wrapped filming TV Chosun’s drama Get Revenge. Currently, she’s busy sifting through scripts for her next project.

Ha Ji Won (45)


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We all know Ha Ji Won from her captivating performance in Secret Garden, but lately, she’s been making a splash in the art scene. Following a hugely successful first solo exhibition last April, she just wrapped up her second one, “Pink Drawing: Coexistence,” last month.

Regarding what sparked this artistic journey, Ha Ji Won revealed, “I wanted to see myself from a different perspective, not just the one I see on stage.” She went on to say, “Painting has been incredibly helpful in my self-discovery, and I truly believe it’s enriching who I am as a person.”

Uhm Jung Hwa (54)

Uhm Jung Hwa made a guest appearance on Lee So Ra‘s YouTube channel on February 14th of this year. The two soulmates, who also lead fabulous single lives, discussed their views on marriage. Uhm Jung Hwa candidly shared her perspective, saying,”I’ve never once felt the need to get married. Even when I’ve met someone who made me think about marriage, I still didn’t want to.”

She revealed that she is living a happy life with her beloved dog, Super, and finds fulfillment in her single lifestyle.

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