Lee Dong Wook Admits He Wants to Get Married and Have Kids But With Someone He Actually Loves

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Lee Dong Wook recently engaged in a candid conversation about his latest film Single in Seoul. This romance flick, set against the backdrop of Seoul, explores the lives of Young Ho (Lee Dong Wook), an influencer who relishes his solo life, and Hyun Jin (Lim Soo Jung), a magazine editor who hates being alone.

The character played by Lee Dong Wook in Single in Seoul enjoys his single life more than anyone else. He revealed that he strongly empathized with the role, saying, “Being by myself has just become my thing. I think somehow things will work out, and I just leave it be. Honestly, I’ve never gone all out trying, and it’s kinda amusing thinking stuff will just fall into place without really trying. I’ve never really made an effort, and it’s funny to feel like things will somehow work out without making an effort. I mostly lie down alone. Actively lying down, that is.”

He continued, “Being single’s got its perks—I get to do my thing without anyone getting in the way. My eating schedule is all over the place. Love catching sports like MLB, soccer, baseball, golf, and tennis. Subscribed to a bunch of sports streaming services for that. But I get it, watching sports all day might not be everyone’s jam, especially for the ladies. I’m not against tying the knot, though. I do want to get married. I also often think it would be nice to have children.”

However, in Single in Seoul, Young Ho is an extreme advocate for being single. He added, “He’s a character who shouts, ‘Those who are not single are guilty,’ and ‘To have a crush on a single person is adultery,’ but I am eagerly awaiting someone, the right one, with a hopeful heart.”

Lee Dong Wook also revealed that he recalled some of his past dating experiences while filming Single in Seoul. He shared, “I thought, ‘I must have been like this in the past.’ Even though you spend the same time and have the same conversation in a relationship, the perspective can be very different. I reflected on how I might have been stubborn in the past. I wanted to show it in a way that people can relate to.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Regarding returning to the big screen two years after A Year-End Medley, he shared, “Seeing my face on the big screen after a long time felt good. I hadn’t seen the movie before, so I first watched it at the preview.” He added, “It was quite embarrassing to watch with so many people in the theater. I couldn’t focus well; I kept observing the audience’s reaction. I was happy that people laughed at points I didn’t expect, which showed they could relate.”

The actor also revealed why he decided to star in the movie, saying, “I was tired of doing fantasy, action, and thriller genres. I wanted to play a normal person, a human-like role. Fantasy and thriller genres require convincing the audience about the world and character, which is tiring and not easy.” He went on, “I wanted to play a realistic character that everyone could relate to. When I got the offer for Single in Seoul, the script read so smoothly, with an intriguing and unique narrative style. Also, knowing that Lim Soo Jung would be joining the cast, I decided to try romance again.”

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He then went on to express comfort in portraying a character rooted in reality. “Not having to fly around on wires or do 7-8 hours of action scenes was physically easier. I even gained some weight while shooting. It was simpler to unfold the character and situation without having the burden to convince people of the fictional worldview,” he shared. Then he playfully added, “But it got a little boring by the end. So after finishing the movie, I filmed Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938. I couldn’t resist and had to go back. And I was flying around there.”

Reflecting on future roles, he stated, “I might need some time before returning to the romance genre. I find it uninteresting to repeat the same genre. I’ve often alternated between genres and characters in my career. There’s always pressure to do better than before or to prove myself after a less successful project. Doing similar roles back-to-back can make an actor feel complacent. I have many characters and genres I haven’t tried yet, and I’m eager to keep challenging myself.”

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