Lim Soo Jung Shares Her First Impression on Lee Dong Wook and Her Undying Passion for Work

im soo jung lee dong wook
im soo jung lee dong wook
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Lim Soo Jung shared her first impression of Lee Dong Wook and talked about how she has been working without a manager nowadays on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

Yoo Jae Suk asked her, “I heard that you and Jo Se Ho have met before.” Se Ho recounted, “That’s when I got a call from Lee Dong Wook. He asked me where I was, so I said I was outside. He then asked me to come over to where he was. That was the first time I saw Lim Soo Jung in person in my life.”

Lim Soo Jung and Lee Dong Wook worked together on Search: WWW, in which he stars as her ex-boyfriend. Recalling the first day she met him, she said, “There was a scene where I was supposed to bump into him in front of the elevator. As soon as the door opened, I literally saw a halo around him. I was just stunned by how ethereally handsome he looked.” Recently, the two actors also co-starred in the movie Single in Seoul.

Lim Soo Jung is currently working on her own without a manager. Yoo Jae Suk asked, “I heard that you handle your own phone calls?” To which she answered, “It’s been about a year since I had no manager. It wasn’t all planned in the first place, though. I just needed some alone time.”

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“I still have passion and desires for my work,” she revealed. “But at the same time, I am just one of those people who feels happy about doing small things in life. Even I can see the discrepancy there. If I were someone from a talent agency, I might not be too happy working with a celebrity like myself. It just doesn’t sound right. I don’t have a manager because I prefer to take breaks without constantly worrying about what others think of me.” In response, Yoo Jae Suk said, “I know, right? If you want to do what you want, you have to be very careful under a talent agency. If you want to live by what your heart tells you, sometimes you have to let things go.”

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