Han Ga In Reveals Why She Married Yeon Jung Hoon Early: ‘I didn’t want to lose him’

han ga in husband
han ga in husband
Credit: YouTube “14F”

In a recent reveal on the YouTube channel “14F,” Han Ga In opened up about her decision to marry Yeon Jung Hoon at a young age, saying, “I didn’t want to lose him.” The interview was part of a segment that invited two university students to her personal exhibition, which featured a variety of photographs from Han’s time as an airline model to her life with Yeon.

When asked by one of the students if she had any regrets, Han Ga In shared her perspective on life choices, saying, “I don’t think all my choices were the best. If I hadn’t become an actor, another life might have unfolded.” She continued, “Every time I felt overwhelmed, I reminded myself that these were the choices I made at the time, the best I could do, so I didn’t want to have regrets.”

Han also expressed her desire to prove that her decisions were right. “To those who doubted me becoming an actress, I think I have shown some degree of success. When I got married, I was already envisioning the stable and beautiful family life I wanted to build,” she said.

han ga in husband
Credit: Yeon Jung Hoon

Reflecting on her marriage, she candidly revealed that she never thought she’d get married at 25. “It’s one of life’s mysteries. Back then, I think I prioritized setting up a family over my career, not wanting to let go of a good man. If marriage didn’t significantly impact my work, then settling down and having a stable life seemed like the better choice.”

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