Exclusive Interview: TRI.BE Share Why They Aren’t Like Mainstream Idols + What Korean Trend They Are Obsessed With


There are many amazing K-Pop groups that sadly sometimes seem to be under the radar! Although some of us love gatekeeping a precious gem of a group in the K-Pop community, it is always better to let them shine and grow in popularity! Today, we proudly introduce the extremely talented and endlessly gorgeous girls of TRI.BE!

TRI.BE had an amazing debut in February of 2021 with “DOOM DOOM TA” – a vibrant track with an energetic melody and pumped-up tempo. The song has a slight dance hall vibe and shows the girls aren’t afraid to mix genres into mainstream K-Pop. TRI.BE continues to gain love and support from their fans, TRUE, and experiment with music, unlike any other artist.

Now, the six lovely members SongSun, Kelly, HyunBin, Jia, SoEun, and MiRe officially made their comeback with “Diamond” in February in honor of their three-year anniversary and are working hard to bring “Diamond” and its Afrobeat-inspired melody to new and old fans alike. In our exclusive interview, the girls reveal how they felt when they first heard the strange but enticing beats of their new song and also discuss what it is like to sing in multiple languages and share which K-Dramas they are currently binging. Check out the exclusive interview and all their fun photos from the studio down below!

Q. TRI.BE recently came back with “Diamond” – tell us about the new song. How did you feel when you first heard the melody and lyrics?

SongSun: “It was so much fun to take on the challenge of trying a song in the genre of Afrobeats. When I first heard “Diamond,”, I thought that I could heal the hearts of the public through a stable melody that is different from the title songs of our previous albums!”

Q. The song has a wonderful Caribbean melody that mimics dance hall and other genres’ unfamiliar beats with heartfelt lyrics. How does it feel to do something different from mainstream K-pop music?

Kelly: “It was very difficult to do at first because there were no K-pop idols who made a title song using Afrobeats! However, I’m so happy that TRI.BE’s charms still shine through after working hard! It was so fresh and fun to feel like I was trying something new! I want to take on this kind of challenge a lot in the future!”

Q. Were there any funny stories from filming on set? What was your favorite scene to film?

HyunBin: “I liked the scene where we danced in the water as well as the individual scenes of each member. I think those were the scenes where we shot the most important point of this album! I think we were able to show that we’ve grown more thanks to the acting scenes that we’ve never tried or shown before! On the other hand, during the individual shoot, I was able to see that the members can be serious and reveal an unexpected side of themselves.”

Q. How does it feel to mix languages in your music? Is it hard to remember English and Spanish lyrics? How do you study English?

Jia: “Personally, I really liked how many languages TRI.BE sings in our songs. The fact that one part is in a different language makes it easier to convey the message we want to convey to fans in more countries and feels more familiar to them! I personally really liked that many fans thought that we could also know the beauty of other languages!! Although it was a little difficult at first to memorize lyrics in other languages, after I understood the meaning, it became a lot easier! I’m not very good at English either, but I think I tend to watch and listen to a lot of movies and songs!”

Q. Which of your favorite songs do you think new fans should listen to besides “Diamond”?

SoEun: “Personally, besides ‘Diamond,’ I recommend ‘Doom Doom Ta’ which is a song that manifests TRI.BE’s identity. Since it’s our debut song, I think it’s a song that expresses TRI.BE better than any other song, so I want to recommend ‘Doom Doom Ta’ to new fans.”


Q. How have things changed since your debut? What are some songs and concepts you want to try in 2024 or 2025?

MiRe: “I think there have been a lot of changes since we debuted. When we were trainees, we just worked hard, but after we debuted, we really enjoyed performing and thanking our fans. I thought a lot about how to act professionally and how to perform perfectly on stage, and I think we’ve grown a lot in our appearances and skills. The music and concept I want to try in the future is ’90s old hip hop.’ It’s a concept that we’ve never tried before, and I think TRI.BE can pull it off well!!”

Q. How long does it take for TRI.BE to finish a music video filming or performance? Is there a member who takes a long time to prepare?

SungSon: “I think we can complete our performances in two days! Since we’ve been working together for a long time, we’ve naturally adjusted and synced to each other to create our performances. We’ve practiced a lot and arranged it based on the members that match the song, so I think we can make an MV quickly!”

Q. What is something the girls enjoy doing together during the Spring in Korea?

SoEun: “MiRe, HyunBin, and I went to the Han River together to see the cherry blossoms. MiRe brought some strawberries, so we ate strawberries, took a walk, and had a great time resting together! I also love shopping for exclusive Spring-themed items!”

HyunBin: “I think everyone in Korea likes doing this, but going to see the cherry blossoms bloom is my favorite thing!”

Q. Do you have a favorite snack or Netflix show lately?

Jia: “I think my favorite snack these days is bread or chocolate!! I always liked chocolate, and there are so many kinds of bread that are popular these days, so I want to try them all and other new products that I am curious about! I enjoyed watching Dr. Slump on Netflix these days, too. It’s a romantic comedy genre, so I often think some parts are cheesy but there are a lot of lines that warm my heart and cheer me up while watching it, so I think it was the most memorable drama I watched these days!”

We had endless fun with the lovely girls of TRI.BE – from singing their song “Diamond” in the studio and greeting their fans, TRUE, to even answering our other fun questions in our exclusive video interview, our time with TRI.BE was without a doubt one of the best moments of 2024! We hope the girls can continue to do more on the stage! TRI.BE has left one more wonderful message for their fandom TRUE down below.

TRI.BE: “Thank you so much for always supporting us! If you haven’t listened to ‘Diamond’ yet, please go listen! We are sure you’ll all love it! Thank you~ Love you guys~!”

What did you think of the delightful interview? It is easy to fall in love with the many exquisite charms of TRI.BE, no? Don’t forget to follow TRI.BE on their social media and also check out “Diamond” and their other songs if you haven’t already. If you haven’t become a TRUE fan yet, perhaps seeing all of their behind-the-scenes exclusive photos down below will capture your heart! Enjoy and follow ZAPZEE for more future interviews.


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