Exclusive Interview: CIX Discuss Showing Skin On Stage + How They Overcame Their Pandemic Debut

CIX kpop
CIX kpop

Debuting right before a pandemic is no easy task. However, boy group CIX not only survived but also thrived as they proved to be an unstoppable boy group with a loyal fanbase to this day.

The five-member boy group consists of BX, Seunghun, Yonghee, Bae Jinyoung, and Hyunsuk who debuted in 2019 under C9 Entertainment with their first EP album HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger.

For FIX (the fandom name meaning Faith in X), this exclusive interview will surely be delightful as the boys share how they have been preparing for this comeback, their goals for 2024, as well as their personal love languages and how they blend with their current concept for “Lovers or Enemies.” See the thrilling MV below!

Despite the impressive assemblage of music starting from debut, the handsome boys of CIX last had a comeback with “Save Me, Kill Me” from their mini-album ‘OK’ Episode 2: I’m OK nearly eight months ago!

Q. It has been a long 8 months since your last music release. What did the group members do during that time?

YONGHEE: “I spent time recharging by practicing, exercising, and eating some delicious food. I used this time for personal growth as well as self-care.”

BAE JINYOUNG: “I was really caught up in my hobbies as well as practicing. The anticipation for our comeback through this album after a while had me very excited.”

Q. 0 or 1 is your first single album and the title is unique. It seems to represent digital code 0101 like a robot or it can also mean to be alone or as one. What is the meaning of the title 0 or 1?

HYUNSUK: “The album’s title, 0 or 1, stems from the fascinating concept of an AI learning about love and expressing complex emotions in a simple way while making errors. We chose this title because it complements the narrative of the title song’s music video and aligns well with the album’s thematic messages.”

Q. Your new song ‘Lovers or Enemies’ is a very synthetic track with an android concept learning about love. How did you feel about trying this classic but refreshingly new concept as a group?

BX: “Initially, I had a lot of worries when trying out this concept. However, as I prepared and practiced, I was glad that the overall concept seemed to come together well.”

HYUNSUK: “It was a very new and enjoyable experience. Being able to showcase a different side of ourselves than before was great, and I believe it’s meaningful because it demonstrates our capacity to present any concept in our unique style in the future.”

CIX aren’t shy about experimenting with various concepts. Although leader Hyunsuk stated in an interview in the past that songs like “Movie Star” and “Cinema” reflect the group’s identity the best, the boys seem to confidently explore ways to improve their style overall.

Lead track “458” showcased a rambunctious but edgy sports look as the boys are seen donning jumper outfits and looking rugged – almost akin to their 3rd Anniversary 2022 FIX Week baseball outfits. Looking back, they debuted with a charming boy-next-door-like with approachable vibes but, although it captured the hearts of their fans worldwide, it seems they have matured in unexpected ways. CIX even became more daring in their fashion as they appear to show off more skin compared to other boy groups.

CIX kpop

Q. In the MV, “Lovers or Enemies,” some members are shirtless for various scenes. Do you ever feel uncomfortable showing your skin or wearing certain stage outfits?

SEUNGHUN: “I had no objections, as I took it (showing skin) as a part of the concept. It would have been burdensome if I weren’t physically ready, but I did not feel burdened because I had prepared really well for this concept.”

BAE JINYOUNG: “I prioritize wearing clothes that blend in with the concept, rather than avoiding exposure. My focus is on expressing the concept well, so I make efforts to make that happen – even in fashion.”

Those are some men who are really dedicated to their fashion. However, their looks aren’t the only important part of their career – the fans and how they communicate with them are another major factor in their success. More than before, 4th Gen idols have a strong focus on utilizing English lyrics and other linguistic tactics – CIX are no exception!

Q. “Lovers or Enemies” also uses a lot of English. How do the members feel about singing mostly in English? How do you practice your English lyrics?

YONGHEE: “Since I last studied English in high school, I rely on the skills and intuition I developed back then. Even so, the words of the lyrics were quite easy to say and learn so it was not too difficult to get it right.”

HYUNSUK: “It feels as if I’m communicating with our fans all around the world, so I like it. I also prioritize practicing pronunciation carefully because it ensures the accurate conveyance of the meaning without any alteration.”

Now for the fun part. Fans are always dying to know about idols’ ideal types – but let’s be a little more sensitive and caring. we? Let’s talk about love on a deeper level.

Q. When CIX think about love, what are some of the members’ love languages? Words of love, acts of service, receiving gifts, time together, or physical touch?

CIX kpop

BX: “It is to be able to rely on each other as expressing ourselves not only empowers us but also motivates one another.” (Words of love, got it!)

SEUNGHUN: “Love is all about expressing it anytime, anywhere. If you don’t say it, no one will know, so for me, expressing love is essential.” (Time together, write that down!)

Q. International fans think every member is handsome. If the members could date another member, who would they pick and why?

YONGHEE: “Anyone but me. I’m not the funniest person to be around, but other members have their own charms.”

BAE JINYOUNG: “I chose BX because we are both homebodies and he is fun to be around.”

Q. Can you tell us more about the group’s future music plans in 2024? What changes can fans expect?

SEUNGHUN: “In 2024, CIX is planning a concert and tour for our fans. We’re thrilled and actively preparing for these events, so please stay tuned and look forward to them!”

Q. As we said earlier, CIX has a long history with music. Which song was the most fun for the group to perform since debut?

BX: “It is ‘Black Out’ for me. The song’s style and performance are incredibly intense, making the experience of performing it on stage highly exciting.”

HYUNSUK: “For me, it is ‘485’ because the choreography is very powerful, and it is slightly more fun to perform than other songs.”

Q. The boys could go on and on about which songs represent the group or their personal favorites but they wanted to think about the fans, FIX, who made it all possible. Most of all, they wanted fans to enjoy their warm-hearted interview message.

SEUNGHUN: “I really miss you, FIX, and I can’t wait to see you again on stage. Stay healthy and happy until we meet again! I love you!”

BAE JINYOUNG: “This album is an album we have released after resting a while so please enjoy it! Thank you for loving and supporting us, no matter where you are in the world!”

Through it all, CIX will always be thinking about the love they received from FIX. Many groups endlessly love their fans but without FIX, it could’ve been difficult for CIX to stay afloat, like other groups, during a time of limited promotions and inactivity.

However, CIX proved that the power of 4th Gen idols lies not only in their stage presence but also in their ability to communicate with fans on all platforms in order to stabilize their success and brand their name in the hearts of fans.

What did you think of CIX’s endearing interview? Don’t forget to follow them on social media and follow us for more exclusive interviews and updates! FIX can also enjoy more concept photos of the boys below!                                                                                         Credit: C9 Entertainment

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