Jeon So Nee Says She’s All In for Romance with Koo Kyo Hwan in ‘Parasyte’ Season 2

parasyte the grey season 2
parasyte the grey season 2
Credit: Netflix

Director Yeon Sang Ho had his eye on Jeon So Nee long before casting her as the lead in the Netflix original series Parasyte: The Grey. Convinced that her acting prowess and image perfectly aligned with the character of Su In, Yeon offered her the role that would challenge her to portray not only a young woman grappling with extreme loneliness but also living as a mutant who, unlike others, had not been completely overtaken by an alien parasite.

In the series, Su In works as a grocery store clerk in her 20s, isolated from her family and dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence. This complex character becomes intertwined with Kang Woo, played by Koo Kyo Hwan, a former gangster who discovers Su In’s secret and becomes her unlikely ally in survival.

parasyte the grey season 2
Credit: Netflix

Jeon So Nee expressed admiration for Koo’s talent during their time filming together: “Kyo Hwan’s ability to fill the empty spaces within the script is something I truly desire. While acting, I’ve thought about how much effort and experience it must take to acquire that skill. And all his improvs make the staff laugh. I think it requires a lot of attempts to capture that essence. Thanks to him, I’ve become much bolder in trying different things with each take.”

Parasyte: The Grey ends with a clear nod towards a potential season 2, which Jeon is eager to be part of. The creative ending has sparked excitement for what’s next. “I’d love to be involved in Season 2 in any capacity. Kyo Hwan joked that it would be fun if Kang Woo and Su In dated. It was half a joke, but it would indeed be fun,” she noted.

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