Jeon So Nee Talks Hopes for ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Season 2 and Meeting Original Protagonist

masaki suda parasyte
masaki suda parasyte
Credit: Netflix

In a recent interview about her Netflix series Parasyte: The Grey, Jeon So Nee shared her thoughts on the show’s future and the exhilaration of potentially crossing paths with the original manga’s protagonist, Shinichi Izumi, portrayed by Masaki Suda, in a potential second season.

Parasyte: The Grey, premiered on the 4th, revolves around a dedicated team named The Grey, formed to counter parasitic beings seeking to expand their influence by using humans as hosts, and includes stories of humans who have come to coexist with these parasites. The show is based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s renowned manga Parasyte.

Jeon So Nee expressed her gratitude towards director Yeon Sang Ho’s meticulous preparation, which streamlined the production process. “The director prepares a lot visually. For large-scale action scenes, he would create them in computer graphics before shooting,” Jeon explained. She added, “Since the director had a clear vision in his mind, it didn’t take long to bring it to life. There was no unnecessary energy wasted. Everyone on set worked efficiently based on the preparation.”

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Discussing the pressure of adapting a beloved work, Jeon revealed, “No matter what the expectations are, it’s impossible to satisfy them completely. Rather than trying to meet someone’s expectations, I wanted to focus on crafting something good. I was pleased by the opportunity to tell a new story. It seemed like a chance to add our own color, to create something of our own.”

The season finale, featuring Masaki Suda as Shinichi Izumi, sparked excitement. “It was thrilling when Shinichi showed up,” Jeon remarked. She continued, “It could be an open or closed ending. If we go into season 2, I’m most looking forward to meeting Shinichi. Since I haven’t met him yet, I’m hoping we’ll have the chance in season 2.”

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