Jeon Jong Seo Defended Against Bullying Claims by Former Classmate

jeon jong seo news
jeon jong seo news
Credit: Yonhap News

In the whirlwind of controversy surrounding Jeon Jong Seo’s alleged involvement in school bullying, a new voice has emerged in her defense. On April 4th, an individual claiming to be the actress’s middle school classmate took to an online community to share their side of the story, attempting to quell the flames of accusation.

The author, identified only as A, expressed their frustration upon encountering the bullying allegations. A wrote, “She always sincerely supported my dreams and believed in me. Jeon Jong Seo was well-liked among the classmates and never the type to cause harm to others. She even served as our class president. I’m at a loss as to who could claim they were bullied by her. I’ve never seen her act violently or extort money from anyone. She had no shortcomings; never used curse words, always diligently attended school, and never called into the teacher’s office. I wish those claiming to be victims would come forward clearly or provide evidence of the bullying.”

Defending Jeon, A concluded, “It seems Jeon Jong Seo is handling this whole thing wisely. I’ll be sending an email to Jeon Jong Seo’s agency. I’m willing to testify,” including a graduation certificate from Yeongwon Middle School as proof of their relationship with the actress.

This support comes after a previous accuser alleged that Jeon had stolen and demanded belongings from classmates, and that she called them names if they didn’t comply. On April 4th, Endmark stated that they confirmed with the actor and her acquaintances that the claims in the poster were all false, heralding legal action against the spread of falsehoods.

Jeon Jong Seo, born in 1994 and debuted in the entertainment industry with the 2018 film Burning, has recently taken her first-ever lead role in a TV series Wedding Impossible. Allegations of bullying had surfaced online as early as 2021 but had been overshadowed until the recent resurgence alongside other bullying controversies in the industry.

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