Jeon Jong Seo’s Agency Prepares Statement Amid School Bullying Allegations

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Jeon Jong Seo‘s agency is in the midst of preparing a formal response after allegations of school bullying resurfaced on an online community.

A representative from the Wedding Impossible actress’s agency, ANDMARQ, revealed on the 4th, “We came across the post concerning actress Jeon Jong Seo this morning. We are currently preparing to organize our position on the matter and will issue a statement once everything has been clarified.”

Recently, a post titled “Jeon Jong Seo School Bullying” emerged in the community. The author, identified only as A, mentioned, “I saw a post saying that any controversy about Jeon Jong Seo’s bullying gets immediately deleted. Curiously, a post I wrote was also removed.”

A continued, “Jeon Jong Seo and I attended the same middle school. She claims not to have attended school in Korea, but she was at a school in Yeongdeungpo, Korea, until the early part of her second year of middle school before she went abroad to study.”

A described encounters with Jong Seo, stating, “(Jeon Jong Seo) would often steal or forcibly take classmates’ gym and school uniforms, resorting to cursing and ostracizing those who refused to comply. I too was subjected to her verbal abuse when I didn’t give her my gym clothes. It was terrifying when she followed me to the bathroom, kicking the door, and I would wait for silence before stepping out again,” adding, “Just seeing Jeon Jong Seo’s face brings back those memories, and it’s distressing. It’s been hard to focus on anything else, which is why I’ve mustered the courage to post this again.”

ANDMARQ, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency, denied the allegations on April 4th and announced that they will take necessary legal measures to protect the actress.

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  • It is very easy to make accusations of bullying against people who are in the public view. These accusations should be followed up and proven to be true before they are publicised.

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