Song Ha Yoon Denies School Bullying But More Revelations Emerge

song ha yoon news
song ha yoon news
Credit: JTBC

Song Ha Yoon has denied school violence allegations, but more revelations have emerged.

>> ‘Marry My Husband’ Star Song Ha Yoon Denies School Violence Allegations

A male informant who accused Song Ha Yoon of school bullying said yesterday in an interview with JTBC that “Song Ha Yoon was forced to transfer schools due to group assault.” He claimed that “three people assaulted one person, and the perpetrators all said that it was all Song Ha Yoon’s instigation.” The female student who was assaulted was reportedly injured for four weeks, and all three perpetrators were transferred.

JTBC also revealed the voice of the victim of the group assault. In a recording believed to be a conversation between the informant and the victim, the victim answers “yes” and “right” to the questions “You are the victim of the perpetrators including Song Ha Yoon, right?” and “The three perpetrators were forced to transfer, right?”

Song Ha Yoon did in fact transfer from Seoul Banpo High School to Apgujeong High School. However, the reason for the transfer has not been specifically disclosed. Song Ha Yoon’s side said that she did not directly participate in the school violence and that she was unintentionally caught up in the process of the school bullies harassing Song Ha Yoon’s deskmate. They also claimed that it was a voluntary transfer, not a forced transfer.

The informant said, “There’s no way she wouldn’t know me. Her story isn’t adding up. Why else would her agency offer to cover my flight to Korea if they believe she has nothing to do with this?,”  in response to Song Ha Yoon’s side denying the allegations of school bullying and saying that “she has never met the informant.” He added, “If this controversy breaks out, other things will break out too. My friends all know that it happened and only Song Ha Yoon says she doesn’t know. It’s all going to come out. People have all been patient.”

The broadcast also revealed the position of one of the three perpetrators of the group assault. The perpetrator said, “It’s true that Song Ha Yoon was involved. I can’t deny that I participated in the assault.” They added, “If Song Ha Yoon denies it like that, it means that she is denying everything that everyone else did wrong. That’s not right.”

During yesterday’s broadcast, JTBC revealed that Song Ha Yoon’s team had agreed to an interview, but they abruptly canceled at the last minute. No explanation was given for the cancellation.

Meanwhile, Song Ha Yoon’s agency, King Kong by Starship, previously said in a statement that “it is true that Song Ha Yoon was forced to transfer from Banpo High School due to school violence.” However, they later changed their position and said that it was true that she transferred, but that the allegations of school violence were not true.

They explained that Song Ha Yoon’s forced transfer was unrelated to JTBC’s report, that she had never met the informant, and that the contents of the reports were all false. Moreover, the agency stated that they are considering all necessary measures, including legal action against the informant and a broadcasting injunction against the JTBC program.

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