‘Marry My Husband’ Star Song Ha Yoon Denies School Violence Allegations

Song Ha Yoon school violence
Song Ha Yoon school violence
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Song Ha Yoon‘s representatives have strongly refuted recent allegations of school violence made against her.

Yesterday, a JTBC program detailed accusations of school violence from 20 years ago, involving an anonymous actress referred to as “S.” In the documentary, an alleged former classmate of S came forward, claiming he was slapped by her for 90 minutes on school grounds. He stated that whenever he tried to stop the assault, she would say “put your hand down” and continue the attack. Although other friends intervened at times, she would continue to hit him every time he tried to stop, saying she wouldn’t hit him.

Following the report, Song Ha Yoon’s identity was revealed through the fact that S has recently gained popularity as a villain in a TV drama and the photos used in the report.

Song Ha Yoon’s agency, King Kong by Starship, released a statement acknowledging the seriousness of the accusations. They explained that upon receiving the initial report, they attempted to contact the informant via messenger to schedule a meeting and verify the details. However, the informant declined to meet and has not responded to further attempts to reach them.

They further stated, “After confirming the facts with the actress regarding the informant’s allegations of school violence, it was found that there was no acquaintance with the informant and all the contents are not true.”

Furthermore, Song Ha Yoon’s side said, “One-sided allegations from the informant’s side are spreading unfounded speculations. We request that unconfirmed facts and speculative reports be refrained from.”

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