Song Ha Yoon Unpacks Behind-the-Scenes Stories of ‘Marry My Husband’

song ha yoon marry my husband
song ha yoon marry my husband
Credit: JTBC

In a candid revelation on JTBC’s Knowing Bros, aired on the 16th, Song Ha Yoon and Lee Ki Kwang gave fans a glimpse behind the curtains of the recently-concluded hit series Marry My Husband.

Song Ha Yoon shared her initially awkward relationship with co-star Park Min Young on set, hinting at the complexities of portraying rivals on screen. Kang Ho Dong questioned the authenticity of off-screen tensions between actors playing rivals, to which Song Ha Yoon admitted, “It’s true. We don’t greet each other, talk, or even contact each other when acting.”

The conversation took a more personal turn as Song Ha Yoon confessed, “Exchanging hurtful words on set can leave scars. We act like strangers on set. Once I got home, I’d text her, saying, ‘I respect and love you a lot. Love you.'” Kim Hee Chul sympathized with the emotional toll such separation might take, with Song Ha Yoon explaining the necessity of compartmentalizing their personal and professional relationships.

song ha yoon marry my husband
Credit: JTBC

Delving deeper into her character transformation, Song Ha Yoon shared insights into her role as Han Su Min, who witnesses Lee Yi Kyung and BoA’s affair. “The ‘Damn’ part wasn’t in the script; it was all me,” she confessed. “I was genuinely frustrated that I’ve had my face swell up and even had allergic reactions.”

Reflecting on her casting journey, Song Ha Yoon admitted to initially fearing the role of Jung Su Min. “I was scared. I’ve always played nice characters, and I had to erase and rewrite those images,” she shared. The actress also amusingly noted that she would use different sides of her face for good versus evil scenes.

To immerse herself further into her role, Song Ha Yoon took extreme measures such as cutting off contact with acquaintances and even seeking advice from a profiler. “The more I isolated myself, the more my friends reached out, allowing me to maintain a healthy mindset for acting,” she gratefully acknowledged.

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