Song Ha Yoon Shares the Extreme Measure She Took for Her First Villain Role in ‘Marry My Husband’

song ha yoon marry my husband
song ha yoon marry my husband
Credit: King Kong by Starship

In a recent interview with iMBC at the King Kong by Starship building, Song Ha Yoon shared the emotional rollercoaster she endured while portraying Jeong Su Min in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband.

Reflecting on her year-long journey as Su Min, Song confessed to feeling intensely lonely, a sentiment that was somewhat alleviated by the sympathetic reactions of viewers online. “Why were you lonely?” prompted an insightful response: “I had to constantly convince myself,” she said, highlighting the complexity of playing a character even she found incomprehensible. “At the first script reading, I struggled. I was repulsed. I couldn’t accept Su Min. That’s how I felt when I began this project.”

Celebrating two decades of acting, Song cited her encounter with Jeong Su Min as a pivotal moment, born from a period of creative listlessness. “Despite knowing she was a bad person, I realized she was utterly alone. I wondered why she turned out that way, and then I decided I had to embrace Su Min myself,” Song explained.

Song’s immersion into her character was so intense that she often felt possessed during performances, with little recollection of how she acted in those scenes. “The director’s ‘Action!’ transported me to another world. Many times, I didn’t remember what I did. I would collapse from exhaustion after. It was a surreal experience,” she reminisced, adding that watching her own performances felt like observing someone else. “I think Su Min enchanted me. I tried to convince myself, but in the end, Su Min convinced me.”

To fully embody Jeong Su Min, Song took the drastic step of deleting all her Instagram photos and cutting off contact with friends, enduring a year of self-imposed isolation. “I thought I couldn’t bear living as Su Min if I saw my own face. I was afraid of remembering what I had done, so I erased everything,” she recalled.

Asked about her extreme approach, Song admitted, “It was my first time playing a villain, and I didn’t know how else to do it. I did what I could, a cruel task for myself. But drawing from Song Ha Yoon’s misery to write Jeong Su Min’s happiness seems to have paid off clearly in the end.”

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